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  1. It's crazy to think that you went all over glasgow in those days as a daft boy and just asked some stranger to lift you over the turnstile.
  2. Born that year. Never made it to the match though.😅
  3. He's not shit though. Give the boy a chance to get a run of games. We're all so quick to write somebody off. Joining the famous is a hard shift to adapt to and to be accepted by our fickle support.
  4. But we canny play in front of crowds.
  5. You gain a wealth of information on this site. 👍
  6. And I'm sure that tragedies like that helped to put in more stringent checks on today's vaccines.
  7. Ffs mate. People not allowed an opinion now. Tit.
  8. Tough luck to them.the jabs have been available for quite some time yet some are still reluctant get them. I've heard young females saying they don't want them as they don't know what they're putting in their bodies. Standing there with fake tits and pumped up lips ffs. Get the jabs and help out.
  9. Good. Get jabbed and help not only yourselves but others.
  10. Brilliant mate. Putting a like against it wasn’t enough. 👍
  11. Fuck me. The penny's dropped for some. I remember a few good posters indicating that they were voting SNP at the last election. Fucking brain dead.
  12. Thought the press conference was at 7pm tonight. Anyone got a link for it?
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