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  1. Try a different web browser. This happened to be me and I switched to Firefox
  2. Classic sentence, fell of ma seat in stitches. J** life`s to short, go and get a job to support you family and don`t let the bullying intimidating Gers ruin whats left of your miserable life, prick.
  3. Back in the 80's the 3am night bus home from the town to Milton. Went via possil and lambhill always full of steamers just oot the dancin. There was usually 4 of us why the fuck we never got a taxi is beyond me as it would have been the same price.
  4. He`s a salesman now so everything is 2 x the cost
  5. Arrested trying to get in the the club brugges European match over there. Had been drinking the day before from the petershill club till kick off the next day. The bus was fucking stinkin. Remember thinking im pished even before we reached the border. Anyway kept in a cell inside the stadium below the stand we were in and can't forget the noise when Hustria equalised. The stand was bouncing. Let out after the game but to be fair couldnae tie a shoe lace i was that bad so deserved it.
  6. Nearly cheered out loud when reading that. Beauty of a statement
  7. MMA 5 rounds, boxing 12 rounds. Says it all really. Stupid bout and can see the taig when getting punched all over the ring using his legs out of habit.
  8. We receive 1/2 the revenue in cup games so would be a bit self defeating
  9. Wish I was half as handsom as pedro? Whit the fuck are the two doughballs on the end of his arms, mutant cunt
  10. Caught up in the statement at first nut when you drill down as you say a fair % will be taken by wages
  11. Looks like the average ticket price is nearer 400. So 14 mill on 35000 sold
  12. Keep thinking at the end of the last 5 seasons it will get better the next. Not happened up till now for various reasons not just on the park. Off the park is a car crash and not looking any better in the near future. Renewed but got a gut feeling its just encouraging the bahaviour of our pish players & club leaders. 25000+1
  13. Things going in our favour are the scum are over confident. Even their manager is at it. We need to beat them at some point to. Also PC appears to be the type of guy who studies and maybe notice a weakness we havent. Got a feeling he can pull something out the hat in terms of tactics. This 10 o'clock carry out shit is doing my head in, should have got it yesterday. Tenner on 3-1 after extra time.
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