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  1. They had the shutters down when we went past 😜
  2. Support for the spivs ? I cant really recall that, I do remember them asking questions that no one else would and being excluded from privy info that SOS & Dingwall etc had all been informed about. Regarding hounding Graham did VB go after him or was it a few individuals who you thought were VB, if you don't want to discuss it on here then please PM me with all your evidence.
  3. Only 10 days until this, hopefully all bears can make it along ...... #FuckTheBBC
  4. This is still getting good exposure on twitter 😜
  5. If everyone could share this to friends, family and on to their social media that would help swell the numbers
  6. I haven't read the entire thread so apologies if this has been said ............. Steve Clarke is a Fuckin Clown
  7. https://www.facebook.com/BellshillTBrsc/?__tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARCnyY9o2c6LzoSdpWcErcqEsmCPH2EkGNwCs488rj-QTuCdoY9wc8l-GhC0_y8lYTSDHrVhEwkMP7rh&hc_ref=ARTyEE56Q6988O7Uta7p7DLrjLvgG_Tr8WfdBQXQ9ShLtO25ISX_Dz04xgKrkdqt3U4&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARAEoINMptFNxBrSchGp78Bhj1MPZWXVUnACZf_Jx5uj3_IM7GJv77n9Q1461F0j-0ii8yFgvGGdR3OZQcE0WiBT-xlu6U69nt1ghsL62n1khTOwKGXxYUDN5h6enOHLTPkJBphHIQqDm_KpCDLyHNr0OOcymBpHNiIB9J2CP9GF53kp-y0ysQM2jfEr0IfReXcCwuwP6Eg ^^^^^ That post is from Sept that's why it has the deposit & 2 payment option
  8. Bellshill True Blues bus is going
  9. Not reading all the thread because as usual on RM it loses its direction from main topic ..... Tav might wear the armband but big Goldson is the Captain
  10. I was in the Govan rear last night and I never heard any abuse all game, I did hear the odd groan & moan when we didn't finish or a pass went astray buy defo no abuse
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