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  1. Where did you buy a ticket for ? Scum games were easy enough to get tickets even finals and at the beggerdome there were even pay in gates Β£2 for a child Β£4 an adult unless you went to the main stand as we got part of that also,and as I said we changed the season ticket system the season after Souness arrived as that's when we were all allocated seats as seasontickets went through the roof and was the only way of doing it I don't doubt your loyalty but I never needed Mr Souness or any cunt to go to Ibrox to attend, I walked down the street through all the tims I knew week in week o
  2. celtic we filled the away end even when we were shite, there would be spaces at the front but you were packed in like sardines., the crowds really fell away with Greig and recovered under Wallace. celtic pipped Hearts to the league that season and had an average crowd of just over 25,000 and we were getting just over 27.000 and that was before live games as football was not fashionable then as you were just a hooligan end off to the general public.
  3. Aye our attendances jumped from 27,000 to sellouts overnight because Mr Souness arrived. I remember pay in gates at parkhead, going to celtics ground because I stayed next to it for Rangers end tickets most away games before Souness we had pay in gates then the queues for the B Munich game at Ibrox and the first game v Hibs away was crazy for tickets. The season ticket system changed when you became a season ticket holder as that's when we started getting seats allocated instead of say Copland rear and you just took any seat in the Copland rear.
  4. Just one of those things, Was sitting with a Dundee Utd fan and he just looked at me and said don't say a fucking word when Gazza scored one of the best goals you will ever see πŸ˜‚,. Would you just sit there and say nothing if someone called any our players an orange bastard etc ? And we wonder why we get treated like bitches ? If he called him a English cunt or something as that's who we we're playing then you can accept that, but all the H** cunts and orange bastards of the day ? How many orange bastards were playing for a good Scotland team that day,? with Hendry also rea
  5. If you want to support Scotland then knock yourself out,. As I said a went to a few games in the 80's with my auld man, in remember Souness getting sent off against Wales and we lost 1-0, McCoist scoring against Australia, Gougjh against England , I have even travelled to Wembley a mini bus of die hard Rangers fans I was 18'or something, at that time and it was the last home internationalis, but i don't feel that Scotland exists anymore. I had the 78 tracksuit and loved big Tam as a kid but did not know too much about the the World Cup but remember the games and beating Holland . Then 82
  6. I remember all that also, I also remember busting a cunts face for calling Gazza an orange bastard after he scored against Scotland , I bet you that Jacobite wished he kept his fucking sectarian remarks to himself. And u never knew you were a nationalist but things you talk about were in another life as they did it the SFA with the Rangers support and that's why we walked. So you enjoy your time with the tartan trannys mand did you boo GSTQ against England like the rest of the scum ? And ffs I had given up supporting Scotland as you were starting to support them and you try
  7. Well why don't you wear a big SNP badge next season while at Ibrox and see how you like it petal? So less of the bullshit as you know fine well what would happen and it would not be very pleasent yet a bear gets abuse at a Scotland game and instead of condemning the filth who abused him you abuse the Rangers fan? Just typical SNP scum tactics that is Rangers fan my fucking arse m8, more like a glory hunter, If Souness had been nowhere near Ibrox then you would be supporting some cunt else and that's a fact is it not. Unlike dicks like you I followed my team when w
  8. I have no problem with you or any bear working for the media and sticking up for us ,. If you don't fill the job then they just get another anti Rangers journalist. As you say it pays the bills and if you can get your message across even better πŸ‘πŸ», People forget and as much as I hate the paper the Daily record uncovered the child abuse at celtic park just a pity the never kept it going in the 90's thou.
  9. Where a big SNP badge next season somwe bears know who and what you are and see how you like it ? Petal
  10. Fuck off you nationlist cunt. You want to half this country in 2 like the rest of the filth and bigots in this country and you call me bitter? Do you not remember 2008? Do you not remember 2012 and the SFA ? Away and ask your juctice minister what he is gonna do about his beloved celtic? . Away and contact John Mason on tax abuse and sex abuse,? away and ask your great party why it's one rule for us one rule for them? Away and ask why evidence was destroyed over the effigies at parkhead which lead to no conviction. Now away and ask these questions then bring their answers
  11. Aye all those players you spoke with played for them before the fucked us over, In fact they fucked Souness over while he was manager of us , then after 2012? Not for me and many many many others now, rather spend my money on all things Rangers now in football
  12. Ya mong? What sort of patter is that ? Away and annoy some cunt else as I can't be arsed with you
  13. Flap for an idiot like you ? πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»Very good
  14. They usually do as they think they are not getting a sniff of the England squad and that's what he did , I hope now they have capped him that his international career is now over.
  15. How many minutes has the cunt played for England ? He's made 3 appearances and sub twice, Fuck if I blinked I would miss the no mark cunt
  16. Forgot all about 2008, Another fine example to the anti Rangers lot at Hampden
  17. Well I don't. go to the England games so I do not support them, but I would like to see them win a major tournament. Is that okay for you ?
  18. Well I don't head down to Wembley but as you say the fact that they are not a bad outfit scunners the anti Rangers tartan tranny's who boo God save the queen at ever opportunity they get. Why would any bear support that lot after 2012 is beyond me and as I said I went to the odd game in the 80's expecially , remember beating them at Hampden was standing in front of the old main stand, I think Gough scored the winner before he played for us and then a few year later going down to the old Wembley and getting beat 1-0 in the last home nations game against them. Don't blame Rangers fans
  19. Fuck Scotland and the SFA, And why should I choose not to see England do well? The have a glorious national anthem for one would you not agree? In fact I like to see Wales and Northern Ireland do well also as I support all the home nations except the team that isn't run by the SFA. The only team I wish Scotland to beat is the ROI, I hope every cunt else hammers them and would be happy if none of our players ever risked injury again playing for the tarrier infested lot.
  20. I take it you both support Northern Ireland then πŸ‘, good man my wife is English and I support England now , used to follow Scotland late 80's and early 90's but after the way the SFA treated us back then I fell away from Scotland . Then in 2012 after the way the SFA went after us that was that for no more Scotland at football Only a prick supports Rangers and Scotland these days.
  21. If we have more fans following Scotland than the rest then we must be in the 70's and 80's again. Utter shite
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