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  1. My only concern is that he's been quite injury prone but he looks like he's got a good bit of pace and can dribble well with the ball. If he covers the homegrown rule for Europe and we can develop his final ball, it will be a good signing for us. I feel like we will see a lot more of these types of deal and while they won't all work, they are relatively low risk.
  2. They looked so effective because everytime we got the ball near their half Soro fouled us and stopped us pushing on. I reckon he had 7 fouls before being booked on 41 minutes. If the ref had booked him early their game plan would have been out the window. Our front 3 were poor as well, Hagi gave us a much better balance in the 2nd half. If we had Jack or Arfield playing, I think it would have been very different.
  3. I agree his touch has been off at times and he's misplaced passes but I don't think our other strikers could play the role that he does. I think we need to give him more time to adapt to the role but he was involved in 3 of our goals today.
  4. Teams don't double up on our other players. His role is to come deep and drag at least one defender out of position which let's others get space. Airfields goal on Thursday is a great example if you watch where Morelos drag 2 defenders out the way. I know it's hard for supporters to understand who are used to a boyd/mccoist type striker but we've had to change how we use him because how teams defend against us. If they stop doubling up on him then he'll have more chances/goals but for now he's doing what's asked of him and its working.
  5. His hold up/link up play was good, he got himself about the park and he was put best attacking player imo. Unlucky to not get a goal but I thought he did well today.
  6. He came on as a sub last season at right back and looked good for us. I could see him doing well in that role.
  7. I can see us playing with 3 at the back on a few occasions this season. Goldson and Helander will Probably be our main 2 in a back 4 but I think they'll all play quite a lot this season.
  8. I thought he played well, linked up play and always looks dangerous in and around the box. He'll be a good squad player for us this season.
  9. Cheers lads, was using my phone so it wasn't showing properly. Can see it now on my laptop.
  10. Had a look on the website and can't see when these go on sale, does anyone know? Cheers!
  11. I don't see him getting back into the team but he could be a decent option off the bench against a team that's hard to break down. He had a knack of finding a yard of space and he's a good finished. He would need to be in far better shape before Gerrard would consider letting him near the first team.
  12. 1. Davie Weir 2. Davie Weir 3. Davie Weir 4. Davie Weir 5. Davie Weir 6. Davie Weir 7. Davie Weir 8. Davie Weir 9. Davie Weir 10. Davie Weir 11. Davie Weir
  13. Yesterday showed that we miss Jack. We were very poor and unbalanced in the midfield without him.
  14. That's because he played the vast majority of his career there where as Madonna didn't.
  15. Thank God you're not in charge.
  16. Impressive showing so far, just need to be more clinical. Niko has been different class, can't wait to see him once he's got a few games under his belt. Jack looks good too, keeps it simple and his positioning is great. A massive step up from Halliday.
  17. To be fair to Holt he's been far better than that lot. I think heveryone could still do a job if there was decent players around him.
  18. Brilliant effort from him, he deserves all the praise in the world for the job he's done in the last 3 games.
  19. Just stuck a £5 on Clint Hill first scorer 1-0 on at 350-1. Let's get stuck in to this mob!
  20. The team loaning out the player would need to pay a fee to terminate the loan unless a clause was built into the contract. Chances are both players will feature heavily for us regardless of the manager due to the lack of quality in that position.
  21. He was brilliant today! More of that next week would be great.
  22. I had a free £1 download from the play store so ended up downloading it. Search your email for Google play and see if you have a code in there.
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