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  1. King has known about that first charge for a while hasn't he, then he hasn't told us about it, allowing us to think there's nothing wrong in the games afterwards.
  2. WWE body slam on Morelos, no booking. Dorrans dislikes a decision, yellow card. Team is rotten after that pathetic penalty decision as well.
  3. Sure the year they didn't make it they sold Van Dijk?
  4. I thought that's what he meant though? They sell their best players to balance their books, weakening their team. Get into the Champions League, they will improve what they have.
  5. King putting in £30M of his own money
  6. In all seriousness, it will be bugger all. Assuming it will be stuff we already know knowing King!
  7. I went and watched a Davie Cooper tribute on Youtube and the comments section was crawling with the bassas. Strange breed.
  8. https://scotchwhisky.com/magazine/in-depth/15275/why-did-billy-walker-buy-glenallachie/ Bought another distillery...
  9. Durham and Goughie on talksport were saying it would be Gary McAllister? Dont know where they got that from though.
  10. Just wait and see who is brought in to replace the 3 resigned directors and you'll see what I mean.
  11. Just fold this sham ffs. It obvious to me that it's basically now Buy Rangers with Rangers First's money. Feel sorry for anyone that has put funds into this.
  12. Who's that at the edge of the white box outside the dugout shouting at the players??
  13. Sure we were linked with him once?
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