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150 Commemorative Medals - The Big One is Here!!!


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40 minutes ago, govanblue said:




A big shout out to County Armagh RSCs who have now delivered their latest cheque to Rangers Youth Development Company - and it's a whopper: 


:rangers::rangers: £20,000 :rangers::rangers:


This is the proceeds from their '55 Medal' sales which RM Erskine Fund Members will know all about. 



RM Erskine Fund Members bought around 180 of those medals, so have contributed a few thousand pounds towards that total.   :thumbsup:

Plus the contribution we've made over the years to County Armagh RSCs' other Medal campaigns:




I would say give yourselves a pat on the back for helping raise so much money, but instead I'm going to say:

Well done for getting your hands on such a lovely medal for only £15 - and for completing the set! :oldchap:






I wonder if there are any other club landmarks on the horizon that might be worthy of a commemorative medal. :hmmm:

Would be interested in this :tu:

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Greetings fellow RangersMedia Erskine Fund Members

Once again we are proud to be supporting Co. Armagh Rangers Supporters Clubs in their Epic Medal journey.


Just wanted to let you know that the much-awaited 1872-1972-2022 Commemorative Medals are almost here...





Yes I know you want one.  Who wouldn't??? 




This year, all proceeds from the medal sales will be donated to Rangers 1972 Barcelona Bears Players Fund:rangers:


I don't know the cost of the medals yet, but as always, all our current  RangersMedia Erskine Fund Members can have as many as you want, at cost price. 


So Let's get that waiting list going...


@Zetland I hear you're the person to talk to to get on the waiting list?

I'll have one please! :oldchap:





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  • govanblue changed the title to 150 Commemorative Medals - The Big One is Here!!!
1 hour ago, DavieCooperthegentleman said:

I would like 2 of the 150 anniversary ones please.

A Very Warm Welcome to our fine establishment Mr Cooper. :cheers:

As you would expect of such a traditional establishment, we do have a very strict entry code...


Looking forward to welcoming you aboard soon!  In the meantime, we'll certainly keep two medals aside for you.  :oldchap:


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