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  1. The BBC were a disgrace today. When our game started then ignored it in favour of rugby and golf. When the contract to cover Scottish football is up for renewal, this lot have got to be booted out, because they’re not doing the job - it’s as simple as that.
  2. He was on Radio Scotland last week talking about some Cardiff player involved with the Scotland squad. They asked him if he sees much Scottish football, and his reply was brilliant - "I love the Rangers." Said he was gutted about the old firm score too. The silence was deafening - You could tell the ones in the BBC gang-hut hated it
  3. Me too - Rangers only for me these days. I've never been into rugby, but caught a bit of the Scotland v France rugby match. The players looked a staunch bunch of lads, and the fans don't look like the hateful mob that follow the Scotland football team
  4. Our board should call it what it is: Bigotry, pure and simple!
  5. It's no good publishing an apology one the story is out there, that's an apology from the Record and the Herald in the last few days, but no-one has to been held accountable for these stories to stop others making stuff up in the future. I won't hold me breath on that one!
  6. Not to mention Rangers players being assaulted on the pitch - not for the first time. Imagine the outcry if THEY'RE played were attacked?
  7. No doubt they'll be looking for something to be offended by
  8. Mate of mine who works in trading standards told me Adidas/Puma/Nike or whoever give the factories a licence to make X amount of the tops. They make double and some find their way onto the markets. That's why they look exactly the same.
  9. Think he knows where this is heading. They'll find a way to blame us and then hammer us.
  10. Great stuff! These people need to be nailed to make it clear that assaulting our players in never acceptable!
  11. Excellent statement - quite rightly looks like we're going to get this drop! Assaulting players is never acceptable!
  12. Used to like they guy, but unfortunately Derek Ferguson sold the jerseys to pander to his BBC pals.
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