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  1. Bring on the scum game, it's going to be a long two weeks. Fucking batter them.
  2. Killie looking good for relegation. Either them or Hamilton, one less plastic pitch whoever is it thank fuck.
  3. Haha absolutely. For a supposed Aberdeen fan he seems to be very fond of them..
  4. Aye mate, Hagi has been hugely impressive for me this season, as you say he's put on a bit of beef, as has quite a few of the squad, even Scott Wright has apparently added 4kg in the time he's been here.
  5. Haha aye he had so much time to hit that, our build up and cross into the box had them all over the place.
  6. Aye mate defo. Kent has been class since he got dropped to the bench. Come back the player we know he can be.
  7. Haha just seen it, nice wee montage that and will definitely add to the rage for them 😂
  8. Aye mind when I was watching the game live being very impressed at the build up for the 3rd. Clinical and sums up our play this season.
  9. Haha I've not got to that bit yet mate, I can't imagine they would of been too happy...this really has been a shiter of a day for them, hopefully continues into tomorrow 😂
  10. Sitting here pished watching the highlights trying to decide what goal was the best, all of them were proper high quality.
  11. Haha aye mate, tbf Iwelumo has always spoke well of us when he's on.
  12. Sportscene mate, best commentary about 😁 Speaking of sportscene/sportsound I do wonder how many times Liam McLeod will refer to us as the 'champions' next season like he does with the filth at ever opportunity this season.
  13. Think the op has got off lightly tbh.
  14. Bang on, his chat on ssb during the game against Livi about the penalty incident was chronic.
  15. I always said to myself I would wait until that away game against Hibs end of January. Once we won that I was confident.
  16. Fucking love you gaffer. Kamara at the end as well 😂
  17. The content in here today has been fucking class 💙👏
  18. That is fucking magnificent, gutted I'm not through there.
  19. Good shout, kept the ticket stub for this game myself...waiting for this day to look back at it and think what a journey it's been.
  20. Goodwin saying they won't sit in and will take the game to us. This is only going to end one way if that's what happens..
  21. Incredible effort by all the bears through there today 💙
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