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  1. Get well soon Brian . . . Hero to Millions
  2. Looks like more of the same brilliance!! "Football Friends"
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fjhmFcyk_I
  4. Just home from the Tournament, was playing for Clydebank. Couldnt stay for the Rangers game . . . great turnout and the bears were still arriving as i left. Running up and down the right wing listening to the Rangers fans singing was amazing! Scored a double aswell and had a header chopped off, gutted! Beat a young Alloa team 6-1. Anyway hopefully Rangers win so I can play them tomorrow . . . We Are The People
  5. I'd say England have 7 world class players. Terry, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Ashley Cole and Ferdinand and Beckham (who were injured). Not one of them, for whatever reason, performed anywhere near their best. And in order to win a world cup i think you need all your best players performing well every game. And I do think they missed Beckham. Lennon, Walcott, Milner, Joe Cole and SWP have all tried but cannot deliver the way Becks still could have at this world cup.
  6. Got told of this a few weeks back. Absolutely buzzing, i play for Clydebank
  7. My mate is texting me from it. He's there with alloa cos bryan prunty was up for 2nd division poty. Anyway, told me that when Walter went up to collect his award, Peter Martin asked him "will you miis boyd when he leaves?". To which he replied "No, he will be here with me next year".
  8. Auctioneers in Glasgow. Good atmosphere!
  9. Know a good few personally just from having played against them for years growing up at boys club and pro youth. Friends with Robert Snodgrass(Supports Celtic). Ross Forbes(Supports Rangers), James McCarthur(Supports Rangers) and a few lower league players.
  10. The one positive imo. Like him in there, thats where he played in the emirates cup and in pre season when he looked impressive. Doesn't hide my disappointment.
  11. nik2402

    One word

    One word - Embarrassing
  12. Rumour has it Budgie is getting the 'Lok job. Who have you got on saturday? Is Paul Allum still playing with yous? Vale of Clyde away in the West of scotland i think. Paul's still there I, just back from a 3 game ban. Really good player Paul is.
  13. I play for Clydebank so i suppose i better say them!!!
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