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  1. Have the Turkish lads been in touch yet?
  2. I would lose the stars as well and just have the scroll crest however you just know that removing the stars would have some falling over themselves claiming we were admitting we were a new club by removing the stars because we hadn’t won the league before.
  3. Fuck me that was hard watching. If I thought I couldn’t wait for the season to finish it looks and sounds like Jimmy and the players are even more eager. We have no chance of winning if Nicoll’s demeanour is anything to go by, not exactly inspiring!
  4. I disagree to an extent. I think he deserves to be a Rangers player but he’s been thrown in at the deep end. He’s the type of signing and at an age that he should be allowed to grow and develop into the role, we should have better midfielders than Docherty that he aspires to be as good as. Instead we have a young player trying to learn and make his way in the game as one of our first choice CMs. We are effectively looking for a 21 year old player to grab games by the scruff of the neck and compete with guys like Scott Brown who despite what anyone thinks is a seasoned, experienced professional
  5. Their back 3 shit the bed when put under pressure, we should be closing Ajer, Lustig and especially Boyata down immediately when they have possession, not standing by watching them make an easy pass to Brown in 20 yards of space. It’s infuriating how passive we were. Last old firm game we got some change out of pressing high up the field and playing through the wide players so what do we do this game? Sit back and play Murphy and Candeias further in the pitch. Can’t fathom it out.
  6. I agree Docherty has done nothing but he was right to give Morelos stick. If Docherty does something wrong it’s down to one of the other players to give him stick. This is our biggest problem currently, no leadership on the park and totally rudderless and toothless in the dugout too. Shambles.
  7. The only thing Morelos cares about is Morelos. He’s no where near good enough to lead the line for Rangers even in our current state. At the very least you need your striker to convert the tap ins and more and more we are talking about him missing them.
  8. Docherty shouted at Morelos on the pitch for no controlling a pass and instead dummying the ball and trying to run past the defender and being easily dispossessed, Morelos then proceeded to run after Docherty, ignoring the game, to give him some back. It obviously continued after full tim and into the dressing room. For what is worth Docherty was right to give him stick for giving possession away so cheaply....not that it would have mattered.
  9. Murty was thrust into this role so it’s not his doing, however the problem I now have with Murty is that he seems too soft. Players shouldn’t be comfortable giving the manager stick when they are substituted. Yes they should be annoyed as the should always want to be on the park but what happened today from Candeias and Halliday shows me that they don’t respect and don’t fear Murty. So is Murty helping develop the youths with the same disregard for those in charge? If so are we going to see another generation of youths lost because their attitudes aren’t correct because of Murty’s nice guy sof
  10. Hey! Don’t tar me with the same brush as that fat Mexican wank!!
  11. Have you read the report because it doesn’t say that either?!
  12. The report doesn’t actually say we lack goals though does it? It says that trends would suggest that Windass and Morelos won’t have as good a goals to shot ratio next season and we may need to find a way to help replace these high percentages in the summer as they tend to drop off in the following season.
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