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  1. having players at other teams in the league that will actually have a go at them will benefit us even if its is hibs.
  2. hearts score then revert to type. wtf
  3. how did wilson end up at man utd?
  4. we are so one dimensional , out wide cross repeat.
  5. jailed 14 weeks £100 compensation banned from any football stadium for ten years.
  6. sometime injuries take longer than expected.
  7. we scored the most goals this season, it's our defence that needs sorting out
  8. Andy Halliday showed us how much talent he had in the 4-1 defeat to hearts, and spent most of last season on the floor pretending he was injured.
  9. it's as if the enjoy being despised and thought of as incompetent fucks, every decision the screw up.
  10. penas a mexican ali dia how much did we waste on that cunt?
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