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  1. am in no way comparing brown to Souness, just an observation. Our midfield are hopeless when things get tough.
  2. that sort of player, as much as brown is a cunt he drives them forward.
  3. i think we need too sign a midfielder who's job is to boot the opposition we are far too soft. no fight in that midfield.
  4. but it so predictable at times these results, that when they equalised i knew they'd probably score again, Every thing about this team is predictable, mentality, tactics. we are an easy team to play against.
  5. how can we do well up to the winter break, then start playing like we've never met one another before its fucking baffling wtf is the coaching staff doing on these fucking trips abroad.
  6. singing him from hibs just for the melt down alone seems worth it
  7. is tav actually aiming for the first man? or his crosses just shite.
  8. having players at other teams in the league that will actually have a go at them will benefit us even if its is hibs.
  9. hearts score then revert to type. wtf
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