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  1. I grew up watching Baxter play for Rangers. The best player I have ever seen. Years later I got to know him in Baxter`s bar at Paisley Road Toll where he would hold court at the bar. Some of the goings on in that pub were unbelievable and the stories are legion. Some of the best entertainment went in that pub and the characters that frequented it were brilliant.
  2. We could let Gordon Durie take the team as he is doing well with the youths I have heard. No increase in salary though
  3. There,s more to this than meets the eye. We,ll just have to wait till the story unravels
  4. Ally should be gone now to give the new man an opportunity and time to mold his own side from the existing squad, including youth
  5. Boyd,s been called a moneygrabber before but he is proving he is a "Rangers Man"
  6. I do believe Wallace has the experience to make the club successful again but I feel that his hands are tied in the boardroom, as was Walter `s and think that he, also knows that Ally is not the man for the job but his hands are tied.
  7. When he was at Rangers he got comps for every game but he tried to sell them through his family or use them to pay his gardener rather than shell out cash. Scumbag
  8. Great player, great skill,pity he didnt stay with us longer. He was a joy to watch.
  9. Bud was a joy to watch, along with other antics on that era. Baxter hiding the ball up his jersey and walking away with his back to the ref. who was frantically trying to find the ball and Kusnetsov standing on the ball. Great memories. :thumbup:
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