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Fitness levels


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2 players caught my eye today in having far superior fitness levels to everyone else and that's Barry Ferguson and Steven Davis who between em covered every blade of grass on several occasions.

Pedro Mendes' fitness is shocking he was fucked before the end of the 90

Boyd and Dailly came on as subs in the 2nd half and looked worse than Mendes

and we all know about Weir he is just too slow.

While they were on I thought Lafferty and Miller did very well but all their running didn't last and they faded in the 2nd half.

I think a fair few players should be fined for being out of shape or not working towards being fitter. I mean they're suppose to be pro-athletes after all and it will help their game.

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Mendes looked generally uninterested.

The guy has done nothing this season....average

You're clearly a tim.

Done nothing? Take your face for a shite (tu)

He isnt the player we all think he is .

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Mendes has looked really fit and has been good all season, but had a stinker today. I think because no-one was making runs for him, although his passing and tackling was poor today. He may not have been fully fit after his very recent injury.

Davis should have had energy as he had done next to nothing the whole game and has been in hiding a lot recently. barry tried hard but he was poor too. Our midfield stunk today.

Where was Whittaker when McGeadie left Broadfoot for dead?

We were real slow all the way through the team today.

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