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Celtc didn't deserve to lose


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Pretty much sums up the title around 2:45.

Would I be right in saying he does this praise of the Mhanky Mhob, no matter what, after EVERY draw or loss?

I can't honestly remember a time after one of their dropped points when he's took it on the chin and admitted they weren't good enough. No wonder he has all that pressure on him, he finds a silver lining in the fucking storm that is that team just now.


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im sure he slaughtered them once when he claimed that chesney left him no better than average players

they didnt like that apparently lol

Aye pretty sure that was after the 1-0 home loss to Hamburg mate? <tu>

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They didn't deserve to lose, they had enough chances to win two games.

If they didn't win with so many chances they deserve to lose even more .....

It's that big Samaras.

He's a worse finisher than Kenny Miller. Should have scored four!

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And they thought their most successful manager in recent times, Strap-on wisnae sellik minded enough, well look what you got now Bhoys, the one and only excuse making monkey heid .GIRUY. 2 in a row inbound - speed fast.

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