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All or players had a blinder today Weir, Davis, Naismith & Jelavic to name a few :praise:

But Whittaker saved the day for me, a stormer of a game and when he went to CB he made everything his :praise:

That tackle at the end !!!

Nananananana, Steven Whittaker...

True meaning of No Surrender.

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Walter trusted him there. He could easily of just moved Edu back to CB as he's played there a few times in his career.

But he knew Steven was better suited, and by god was he right !

on the subject of edu he is fucking woeful but hey ho when u hve the tim destroyer who gives a fuck?! :jelavic:

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He was quite simply, excellent.

Of all the Gers players that are often maligned, he's the one that you just know has it in him to be a great player.

For today though, he was magnificent.

Hope you're having a good night Steven! :21:

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