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Who Will Have The Better Season

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Really don't know, but if I had to choose I'd say Rooney.

Playing for a more settled team and with a great manager, and less likely to be roatated, become unsettle etc.

As SAF pointed out Rooney is now entering his peak years from 25-30. He seems to have matured and I'm sure he will go on to great things in the next few seasons.

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I'm sorry, but you're deluded if you think he's "far better".

Probably edges it at the moment, but Aguero is fantastic as well.

Im not deluded i just fucking hate man city and was in the mood for an argument , or at least a reply to one of my comments, so thanks for that!

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Why is Rooney 'comfortably' a better all round player?

you won't see aguero clear one off his own line this season especially from open play. Rooney is the ultimate team mate right now. He's an extra man in midfield when under attack and up front he is lethal just now. Simply no better English player right now and probably the only English player that could play for Barcelona.

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Rooney is comfortably a better all round player, so I'd go with him.

I'm almost at the stage of starting a 'Has there ever been a better English player than Wayne Rooney' thread, the guy is that good.

Agreed mate.

In my 20's and I've never seen an English player as good as Rooney. Gazza was something else but Rooney is just superb in almost every department. His football brain is second to none in world football.

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So because Rooney has a defensive side to his game that makes him comfortably better? What next Rooney is better than Ronaldo because he works hard and defends!?

I find it odd that when people are presenting a case for Ronaldo they often bring up the "non football" side of things like his physique and how he's an a brilliant athlete, yet when someone does it for Rooney over Aguero it's ridiculed.

The gap between Rooney and Ronaldo comes down to one thing. Goals. It's nowhere near as big as some think. Rooney's a better passer and more creative and he's better defensively. And with things like touch and technique I don't think Ronaldo's any better than Rooney or vice versa. It's a shame that Rooney will never be fairly judged by the anti-English football crew. A few years ago the very people who run down Rooney and wax lyrical about Ronaldo would have been bad mouthing Ronaldo but then he moved to Spain and all was forgiven.

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Funny how Rooney is deemed as 'comfortably better' on here despite scoring half the goals Aguero scored last season in the league. And this is with Aguero playing in a stronger league for the side that finished 7th, and not top like Rooney's Man Utd in England.

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