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Bearsrus - the floor is yours


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Monday's revelations will prove that otherwise!! And tbh, i'll be very surprised if many people wish to invest in us ever gain after Monday,

it's coming, beleive me it's coming, Green will be heading for the hills in the not too distant future.

Care to elaborate on this post? You have been asked umpteen times and produced no answers. Maybe now you have the attention you desire you can answer?

Hopefully admin allow this to stay considering if the mentioned post has any truth in it we would deserve to know!

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No problem with this staying, I just don't have a clue what it's about. Are we talking about this Monday? <cr>

I think it was said in the BTC thread, think he quoted a post talking about a possible outcome with the post RFC52 showed you.
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One of the posts I see thinking am I the only one seeing this lol. I was looking for this but couldn't find it.

Its stuck in my head mate. I thought maybe he had wind of what was in the prospectus and gave him the benefit of the doubt but CG said that it would still be a couple of weeks before that was released

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Indeed mate. But to make such a post, it would be nice to know what the fuck hes gibbering about. Although some of his recent posts have been "strange"

He's just another desperate loser whose dream of smeltic being left to rule Scottish football is going further down the drain as the weeks roll by, and what obviously makes it worse is, despite all their efforts to end us; not only would we not die, but we are coming back stronger than ever.

The floor is yours, better gets used to it, it'll be getting wiped with your mhanky wee club for the foreseeable future.

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Its not the Bears r us who is viewing the thread btw its Bearsrus just incase someone attacks him :lol:

Thanks mate, I was just looking at the big tax case thread and have no idea what the other B r us is speaking about, I intend to buy shares if I can. On my phone so cannot add an appropriate smiley LOL.

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