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70's Bears


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I've no idea mate. I got this pic a few months ago whilst looking for some graphics. I've went through my history to see where I saved it from, and nothing. Pissed off at myself to be honest.

It's obviously scanned, so someone here must have the same photo.

On a weird side. Look 1/3 from the left then 1/3 down. There's a guy with a burgundy top on that looks like he may have been slashed. Maybe a Hearts game? :P

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What a fucking picture, and there's a burd in there! Gotta hand it to her, looks no bad too.

Crowd look tense, any idea what game?

Nobody wanted to fart with the burd there......hence the tense looks....................Hampden used to be something else if burds there with the crowd at the top of the stairs on the way out :7325:

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I don't think we were winning by the look on their faces. I must buy the Barcelona video some time to see if I can see myself. I went from Prestwick in a pink plane. Anyone else on that flight? The Ramblas was full of Bears with too much alcohol as it was so cheap in those days. A great day out.

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