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Rangers will play in League One.

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The new format of the SPFL has finally been revealed and basically just copies English Football, even in terms of the SPFL's new logo


  • Scottish Premiership (Formerly SPL)
  • Scottish Championship (Formerly SFL1)
  • League one (Formerly SFL2)
  • League two (Formerly SFL3)

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I thought we were going to have 'reconstruction' that will rebuild Scottish football? All we have had is a pseudo English set up with a few tweaks. Hardly breathtaking, groundbreaking -- or even a reconstruction. Is anyone surprised?

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If we were as clever as Mr Doncaster and Mr Regan, we too would have realized ages ago that Scottish footballs woes could be cured with a simple name change.

It's cheap and can be relaunched as a totally new thing, just like snickers

TV companies, the world over will be vying for the rights to show these brand new leagues and sponsors will be fighting it out to get their name on them

I really like the emporers new clothes.

This will be the best rebranding since BA painted all their planes.

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