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Thanks For Coming, No Arrests - SYP

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Yes and the annoying thing is Gary Ralston is a Bluenose,no loyalty.

The tarriers go down to brentford do what the fuck they want, sing what they want and it's praised as some great light hearted fun by the jolliest set of fans the world over.

We sing a song and it all get brought up again, stick yer republican loving country up yer arse

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Every sy policeman/woman I spoke to were spot on. All extremely helpful, all wished us well and hoped we enjoyed our day etc.

I went down fearing the worst but I've came back with a bit of respect for them tbh. They just kept laughing at us freaks bouncing about like Maddies.

The copper that was trying to direct me to the nearest ladbrokes was a good laugh too

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It is as it is and always should be.

Other police forces around the country would do well to treat visitors to their neighbourhood with a good share of respect instead of letting any of their meddling bias come into it.

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Well done lads. Even if the Scottish press ignore it and comment instead on TBB being sung...

Aye, noticed that. How fucking predictable. Zero praise from that rhag, pretty much nothing in The Sun that I could see and I couldn't even see a report in the BBC.

Cream themselves when things go wrong, focus on one song when everything else is brilliant.

A bit of balanced reporting please.

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This should be the norm, not news.

However a big well done to the fans.

That is how we will beat the darkside, not by rising to their crap and giving them what they want.

They are left looking like the baddies and nothing they can fingerpoint at as deflection

We are beating the scum all over the shop just now and long may that continue.

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