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Current 'yugoslavia' Xi.

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decent but not world class. probably quarter finals of the World Cup at best

Their midfield is World Class, up front isn't far behind and neither is their defence.

I suppose with the current Belgium side you can say a group of individual doesn't make a team.

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I can't get the PES 2008 to load up on the PS2 or I could have posted a screenshot.

Will have to try from memory.

First XI would have been something like:


Jugovic Bilic Mihajlovic Jarni

Dragan Stojkovic Boban Prosinecki

Savicevic Mijatovic Suker

They could well have won the 1998 World Cup as I think the last youth team of 1992 either won the Youth World Cup or got to the final.

EDITed to add subs:

Mrmic, Stimac, Simic, Soldo, Tudor, Dejan Stojkovic, Asanovic, Vlaovic, Milsosevic, Kovacevic.

Mostly made up of Croats but I guess that is mirrored by their third-place performance at France '98.

At that time, I think the Serbs and the Montenegrins(?) along with the Slovenians, Macedonians, Bosnians and Herzogovinians(?!) were still part of Yugoslav football association, if not the political country.

Croatia were first to go, a fiercely proud nation, and the break-up actually had a football flashpoint when Hadjuk Split (or Dynamo Zagreb) played Red Star Belgrade and Zvonimir Boban attacked the Serb Polis for attacking Croat fans. After that, Arkan of Milosevic's Tigers recruited football hoolgans to do their bidding (ethnic cleansing and general cannon fodder).

If I have offended any Croats of Serbs or anyone else I apologise in advance. My memory isn't what it used to be.

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Thought I'd missed something with Slovakia there for a minute :D

They had some smashing teams over the years, while it was still very much Yugoslavia.

Of course, had the whole thing in the Balkans not gone tits-up, then we wouldn't have even seen Denmark at Euro 92', being there as the lucky loser. Funny how things work out in football / sport sometimes :)

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Shamefully stolen from Eurosport's Facebook page.


Staying away from the political situation and such, what a side they would have been. The first World Cup I can remember was 98' and their side was more than decent then.

The former Yugoslavia was probably the best producer of talent in Europe, they never had a great national team down to the different factions within the country and players not wanting to burst a gut for a country they couldn't identify with.

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It was the 1987 U-20 World Cup that Yugoslavia won.

The squad contained names like Boban, Prosinecki, Jarni, Mijatovic, Suker... And our very own Gordan Petric. :)

Scott Nisbet also bagged two goals in the tournament for Scotland, one of them in a quarter-final against West Germany.

Changed days.

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The fact I got you to post means the most!

P.S After all this time your Cowboys still blow. :pipe:

NFC East champs my man!

Thought I'd poke my head in here with all the manager stuff going on- been busy with new job, grad school, and the ball & chain....(who am I kidding I've just been furiously J.O.-ing :( )

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decent but not world class. probably quarter finals of the World Cup at best

To be fair, most teams who reach a World Cup quarter-final are pretty much world class with the odd exception like Costa Rica, Ghana and England.

The last eight is usually made up of teams like Germany, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Brazil, France and Netherlands and a couple of surprise packages.

And who would deny that some of these surprise packages (Bulgaria and Romania in 1994, Croatia in 1998, Poland 1982 and Belgium 1986) were driven on to these heights by a clutch of world-class players amidst their ranks...?

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