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First Signings

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Appreciate that theres probably been a couple of threads regarding transfers but thought this deserved one of its own as it's as good as a done deal.

Hearing that the first few signings we will make will be Scott Allan, Vuckic and Nadir Ciftci.

Apparently these have already been agreed in principal and we are waiting to announce our manager appointment officially before we announce any player deals.

Transfer fee's involved for all players which is a good signal of intent from the board. Onwards and upwards!

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Hmm. I'd take that with a massive shovel of salt.

Dundee United will be utter cunts to deal with, plus I'd imagine the minging mhob will be all over him. As for Allan I think they might do everything to try and keep him from coming to us, it would be a terrible situation for them.

As for Vuckic who knows?

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I cant see us getting Vuckic but would be thrilled if we did, Allan will have to be a lot brighter in a Rangers shirt or he's a certain red card.

The other cunt at Dundee Utd and they dont deal with us.

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I know theres been rumours flying around about Murray approaching players the past few weeks and I read today that Warburton is going to be given the final say on completing a few deals that are waiting to be wrapped up.

It was Gough who said he thinks we should sign Vuckic, Allan and Ciftci though. Which is where they names have came from.

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There might be one or two from Scotland but chances are the majority will be from English league football IMO.

MW and SDOW have been updating their list of transfer targets, hopefully during the delay we have already identified and sounded out some of their choices. Can see it being a busy week or two. Buzzing :cheers:

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It's a great start if you ask me..

Allan falters to deceive, Vukic won't work hard enough for Warburton and was found wanting against a poor Motherwell team and Ciftci I don't rate that high either.

But time will tell OP the first couple of new faces in the door will show us what kind of team he wants to build.

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