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How Will We Line Up?

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I'm really impressed with worburton so far and an refreshed by his approach.

He seems to favour 4-3-3 which goes into a 4-5-1 defensively.

Looking at who we have and potentially being linked with would you be happy with the following team:

GK- Bell- would prefer a new keeper

RB- McGregor- at present best option

CB- Wilson

CB- Kiernan

LB- Wallace

RM- Murdoch

CM- Eustace

LM- Allan

RW- Gallagher

CF- May

LW- Walsh

Obviously hypothetical at present but I think that team if you had it would best any team in the league.

I'd expect to see more new players, but for me it's exciting that we could see attacking youthful football with bit of experience.

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Why do people pick Gallagher, he's done nothing to merit a chance in this new team.

Clean slate. If Warburton likes what he sees in training and Pre-season, they'll all get their chance, Gallagher included.

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New Goalkeeper

New Right Back





New CM

New CM

New Winger

New Striker

New Winger

I do think Walsh, Hardie and maybe Gallagher/McKay will have more of a chance this year too.

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1. Davie Weir

2. Davie Weir

3. Davie Weir

4. Davie Weir

5. Davie Weir

6. Davie Weir

7. Davie Weir

8. Davie Weir

9. Davie Weir

10. Davie Weir

11. Davie Weir

All the subs: Davie Weir

We all dream of a team a Davie Weirs

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I still think Cuvelier will be linked with us before the window closes.

Weir rated him highly enough to take him to Sheffield Utd but his career has sort of stalled since then due to a combination of injury and simply not being in favour at his parent club and being sent out on loan a lot.

He's only 22, he's talented and he's a player Weir knows and one who could probably fit pretty well into a Warburton team.

If we could take him from Sheffield Utd and manage him properly then we could easily give a talented player who's lost his way a bit a place where he truly feels valued and in a years time we could easily have "unearthed" our very own version of Scott Allan and that's ultimately what Warburton wants to do.

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What's the fucking point we all know that we are gonna sign players that we haven't been linked with lets be honest who here would have put Eustance and Kiernan in a possible team 3 weeks ago.

Warburton has more imagination than the usual fucking SPL players. Make this thread in 4 weeks time and we will have a better idea.

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Can't believe everyone has forgot about McGregor, absolute rock at the back for us last season who was constantly let down by others around him, Granted he did make some errors but in a team of that quality what do you expect, think he could be a main man for us going forward, especially with Weir as a mentor.

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