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Matt Ryan - Goalkeeper

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See this boy has just signed for Valencia for £5m, is this the same guy that was coming to us on trial but Mark Bosnich talked him out of it? or something along those lines?

Sure is. Got hammered in oz media for even contemplating.

Went on and signed for Brugge, won titles and best keeper in Belgium two years straight

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People in the know had been raving about Matt Ryan ever since he was a 14-15 year old with Marconi Stallions and when he stepped up to Blacktown City. We could have had Ryan in 2010 but nobody at Ibrox took any notice of what they were being told. Then when finally we decided to make a move for Ryan in 2013 with the urging of ex-Mariners coach Lawrie McKinna, the shit had already hit the fan with Whyte and somebody got in the ear of Ryan (perhaps his agent) and he cancelled a trial with us. Then when Bosnich got on National TV and blasted fuck out of Rangers and Scottish football it was all over. What made it worse is that we could have got him for virtually nothing as his contract ran out on 31st May 2013 and he ended up going to Club Brugge the day previous to that on 30th may

As OzGers pointed out, there was a furor over Ryan going to a club that didn't even know what league (if any) they would play in, so immediately he was off to Club Brugge and when the brilliant Michel Preud’Homme took over as Brugge coach a few months later, Matty Ryan was on his way to being one of the best young keepers in Europe and he's only just turned 23 yrs old.

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Haha, i was coming from the thinking that he was due to get something right!

Most players he signed should have improved us. Many were top performers at their clubs.

It was what happened when they were here, their collective regression, that is the most damning evidence of the absolute lacking of his abilities as a football manager.

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Yeah he's been an absolute colossus for Club Brugge and is the Oz No.1 now. I watched him a few times in the Europa League for them and he's got great distribution, a good leap on him and, the classic, is a "good shot stopper".

Would be interesting to see how he got on here. Jim Stewart's obviously a great coach, but the manager at Brugge was a pretty good goalkeeper himself, so I wonder how much he had an impact on Ryan's development.

Ive only seen failure on the goalkeeping side to say that JS is a great coach.
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