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How Good Do You Feel

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Difficult not to carried away. The keeper is the only one that has me a little worried just now.

But, the team as a whole are excellent. 1st competitive game, we bit nervy, go a goal down and they didn't panic or buckle. They just played their way out of it and annihilated Hibs. Very, very happy with that.

This season looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Hopefully when people see the style of football the stadium will start filling up again.

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I'm rough as fuck :lol: What a feeling yesterday man, what a performance in the second half.

We're going to dish out a fair few scuddings this year if yesterday is anything to go by. I'm probably going to need a new liver at some point as well :D

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I can assure u the strut was back on as I entered the pub yesterday, the dhims in the pub tried to make light of our performance, as long as they still think we are miles behind the sooner we will catch them.

I offered anyone in the pub an even £20 bet that no other team will put 6 by hivs home or away this season, I'm still waiting for a bet.

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My throat is fucking knackered after shouting at the game yesterday!

It was great seeing Rangers playing like that. Long balls only if necessary rather than being the norm, keeping it on the deck and passing it. It still needs a bit of work, and a couple of more players brought in, but I like what I see.

This season is going to be fun. Considering what we've had to ensure for the last few seasons, it wouldn't be difficult!

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