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One of my favourite ever games, i remember being in the Copland watching that header take what felt like ages to end up in the net to put us 3-2 up, place went absolutely bonkers.

Can't wait to have those nights back.

Just seen my youngself in the broomie :lol:

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I Fucking hate pepe

Always looked a right smug twat, couldn't stand him.

Should have got an extra point for winning it with Franny Jeffers, Olivier Bernard and Hamed Namouchi.

I remember the away reverse, and Jeffers turning in one of the most disgusting performances I've ever seen from a Rangers player. I can forgive people giving their all and not being good enough, maybe trying just a bit too hard even (Sebo), but Jeffers that night was a disgrace to the shirt. I think he moved within a radius of about 10 yards the whole evening. Looked as if it was an effort to even show for the ball and perish the thought he actually might make a run to receive a ball over the top.

Rarely have I disliked a Rangers player more.

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Also another thing whilst watching the game. You notice in the crowd nearly everyone has the Rangers top on, hopefully we can get this stuff sorted with Sports Direct so the fans will start wearing the kits again.

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