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New York Giants - ben51, psb07158, the goal machine, Mr Soprano.

Los Angeles Rams - CaptainAmerica18.

Buffalo Bills - JamieD (MIA).

Dallas Cowboys - BleareyEyedBear, norgerbud, ayro.

Las Vegas Raiders - Ferris Bueller, mus, clunge.

New England Patriots - cstmamomusa, Lando.

Indianapolis Colts - Born A Bluenose.

Miami Dolphins -TEFTONG.

Green Bay Packers- stourloyal.

Atlanta Falcons - greg_1987.

Minnesota Vikings - SasaPapacLoyal.

Seattle Seahawks - Henders82.

San Francisco 49ers - .Williamson.

Just let me know in the posts below which team you follow and I'll update the OP. 


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On 21 February 2016 at 9:11 PM, stourloyal said:

Got me ticket for jags v colts at Wembley on the 4th of October so I'm looking forward to that..

I'll be heading down to that. Tried to get tickets for Giants v Rams but wasn't able  to get them so ended up with jags tickets. 

Could still be pretty good if Luck is back to full fitness and Bortles continues to improve 

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My wee Brother is a Bengals fan who is delighted at the downfall of Johnny Manziel and sent me the Bleacher Report Article (I dont know how to cut/paste and post the link..sorry)..But this wee video was very interesting..Merril Hoge certainly had this boys card marked early doors..


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