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Religion of Sports - Keepers of Faith


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Episode 6: Keepers of Faith

Fenians and Rangers FC are two of football's oldest teams. Separated by only 6 miles in Glasgow, they have a rivalry unparalleled in the sporting world, with religious, societal and historic tensions. This episode explores their centuries old feud.


So this was aired last night in America on Audience Sports! Anybody able to find a link for it? 

Will no doubt lean towards the tarriers & paint us in an unsavoury light however wouldn't mind giving it a watch! 


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13 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

"Religion of Sports"

They can fuck right off with that title for a start,only three clubs were found on religious grounds in this country and we weren't one of them.

The title is about how fans view their respective sports in the same way as many other do their religion. The entire six-part series has been titled 'Religion of Sports"

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Pretty much as expected.

The usual channel 4 shite about us being liquidated, blah blah blah.

Footage from previous Hampden finals against the peados showed trouble in the Rangers end (looked like the late sixties) as well as us running the fenian bastards on the pitch at the 1980 cup final (I was there!)

Traynor stuck up for us.

Recently made program as there was a good few minutes footage of this years game at the BigJockKnewCamp.

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3 minutes ago, WATP-FOREVER said:

Didn’t see that from their written trailer mate:

There’s also the giant inferiority complex Celtic fans suffer from over Rangers record trophy haul.

Never read that lol

The trailer show their mhanky tri colour. Their fans n badge. Shows one misty gers player 

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3 hours ago, WATP-FOREVER said:

Donald Trump's a fanatical Rangers supporter, well he will be once he views the pish we can expect.

Not impossible he might be Rangers inclined as he is Presbyterian, his mother was Scottish and he has spent time here in regard to his golf courses and other deals.

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I detest these namby pamby programmes they make.......usual sit on the fence uninformed dramatised nonsense full of misinformation and no real facts especially if it's aired in the US.....will only be viewed by these American clowns who regard themselves as "Irish" American sympathisers .......telling everyone how their great great granny wis Irish .......infact just like those who do the same in Scotland ........lot or tripe........

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