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FIFA 20 - RM Pro Clubs Team PS4

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As per last year, is anyone interested in playing as part of a Rangers Media Pro Clubs Team on PlayStation 4?

Myself, @The No.9, @Dan Deacon and @BlueMe are the only guys that continued on with it regularly from last year. Anyone wanting to participate that didn't last year? Or join back in that fell away?

Times and days vary and there should be something for everyone.

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On 27/09/2019 at 01:13, Rambo1872 said:

Interested but never played any other game mode apart from online seasons against guys at work and randoms 😂

Fire in mate it's a good laugh. A mic is very useful but even just listening which is more than @BlueMe does is enough if you dinny want to talk to us. You'd have heard the state of me after 3 days in Prague I'm sounding a tad rough.

On 28/09/2019 at 23:22, DeanMK said:

Happy to play again this year. Was pretty fun last season. 

Aye get back on dean mate and congrats as well mate! 

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19 hours ago, Gazzalivesforever said:

Needing any players? Haven't played enough. My current club is a bit wank and strict with numbers. We have to have minimum five on and one of two boys who play as the any. I'm no bad at LW, CDM or CB. 87 rated cam and LW, 88 rated CB. 

Aye mate defo.  What is your PS4 username


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