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Sporting Lisbon 0 vs. Rangers 2 Apr. 10 2008


I still can't believe it, I'm honestly in complete shock and jubilance! What a performance by the boys, brought back the memories of Lyon again. A brilliant performance, and by that I mean over two legs as well, for not only did the goals tonight matter, but also the not conceding at the Brox. Walter got it spot on and we are in a Euro competition, semi final stage, for the first time since 1972. Fuckin dancer!!!!

Walter's selection was fairly predictable with the four that were rested for the weekend, all recalled. McGregor, as always was the first pick at the back followed by Broadfoot, Cuellar, Davis and Papac. The midfield consisted of Davis, Bazza, Hemdani, Thommo and McCulloch and the striking position went to Darcheville. The tactics and selection were absolutely spot on and Walter really got the point across to the boo boys of Ibrox with, once again, coming up with the results when they matter. Good on you Walt, you have once more exceeded expectation and taken us one step further to a glorious quadruple. I take my hat off to you.

Todays team: -

McGregor: - Watched a couple of efforts squeeze by the post and one come off it but apart from that was rarely tested. Will be happy with his nights work and a semi final slot.

Rmed Verdict: - 7

Broadfoot: - Had a very hard time in the first leg but defended solidly tonight and sent a cracker of a ball forward for the Darcheville goal.

Rmed Verdict: - 7

Cuellar: - Immense again and deservedly took a lot of the plaudits. Went in hard for any challenge and really put off there front men from having a go at him.

Rmed Verdict: - 9

Dailly: - If we ever wanted an able deputy then Dailly was our man. Lost his man at a couple of set pieces but can be forgiven that for some of the courageous tackles and headers made to keep us in the game.

Rmed Verdict: - 8

Papac: - Sweet and sour as at one end he flew into tackles and defended solidly while at the other he couldn't quite find his passing touch. All in all though a good night.

Rmed Verdict: - 7

Davis: - Took a while to get into the game but fought for the cause with every ounce of effort. Set up Darcheville goal on a plate and really worked his socks off.

Rmed Verdict: - 9

Bazza: - Never gave up any ball as dead as he chased and harried all night. Started off really well in his link up with JCD but fell away at the end of the first half. Influential in the second though as we played out time before being stupidly booked late on. Despite what people say, he will be a huge miss in the next leg.

Rmed Verdict: - 8

Hemdani: - Still not quite back to his usual passing excellence but played well enough to win plenty of ball in the middle and distribute t to our own men. We kept the ball a lot better tonight and a big part goes down to Hemdani.

Rmed Verdict: - 7

Thommo: - When you want a man to fight to the death, give his all for the cause, then look no further. Tackled hard and gave 200% for his team. Great performance when our backs were to the wall, long may it continue. Another big loss for the next leg though.

Rmed Verdict: - 9 (MOTM great midfield display.) :rangers:

McCulloch: - He has a lot of critics but he fought to the death tonight. Won ball, held it up and provided excellent cover at the same time. Even fought through a hard head knock before being replaced in the second half.

Rmed Verdict: - 8

Darcheville: - Oh man, what can I say. Tried his heart out all night to get in behind and used his pace and strength to great effect. Sent the fans into delirium though when he coolly slotted home a Davis pass. I bow to thee Mr Darcheville.

Rmed Verdict: - 8

Cousin (On for JCD): - Brought another physical presence to the front line. Good to see him back.

Rmed Verdict: - 5

Whittaker: - Has a lot of dubious critics, but silenced them in the best possible way. What a run, what a dribble and what a feckin finish. Put the icing on the very rich cake.

Rmed Verdict: - 7

Smith: - He may have his doubters, he may have his critics, but say what you will. The man, in my eyes, is a genius when it comes to football tactics. Over two legs he has shown that he had the better of the Sporting team that really thought they had one up on us. Well done Walter, let your golden touch never fail you.

Rmed Verdict: - 9

Oh what a night. I can't remember feeling much better as a Bear. The team deserve so much credit it is beyond words, they have taken us, as supporters from the depths of despair to the peak of heaven. Keep it up boys, there is nothing or no-one that has the desire and heart of you.



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Can't get myself over the fact that we won that game and in style too.

We love you Rangers, we do, We love you Rangers, we do...


You've just said it all Bazza!!

Great night and HAPPY B'DAY BAZZA!!

And --- Great Report as Usual!!

:beer1: :beer1: :harhar: :harhar:

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