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  1. This is likely a very good acquisition for them, as long as he's still got some desire. Doesn't change the fact I think we can beat them and grab 55.
  2. Oguchi Onyewu
  3. Cheers for the update
  4. Don't talk bull
  5. Not watching the game mate but if that's true sounds good to me - at this stage in the season to be dominating a team is pretty good, no?
  6. Seen Nacho in Paesano pizza in town today. Must have been the celebratory dinner.
  7. Nah mate, it's being played at the Muricana in Brazil
  8. Yes! Quality player with great pedigree. Well done to the management team for securing another high profile player.
  9. He's a sexy son of a gun buzzing for this. This and Barton are the kind of signings you wish we had a decent retail deal for! I'll just need to settle for 55 instead.
  10. Has it been removed? Not showing up for me
  11. Pretty calm goal celebration considering he just broke physics
  12. Would score drugs for fun up here
  13. The perfect statement! The whole episode was shameful and our guys at the top have the guts to tell it like it is. So proud of our board today - standing up for us the way we deserve.
  14. If a penny is taken from money we contributed, then I'll be raging. I want SFA to tell us who paid for it. I'd also say this is far from the minimum though. Very very very far.
  15. This could be vital evidence against the claims that Rangers fans were quick to join the Hibs fans on the pitch for a scrap. Clear and extended provocation, in the face of which the fans showed remarkable restraint. Their version of events must be disputed.