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  1. Rangers FC statement

    The perfect statement! The whole episode was shameful and our guys at the top have the guts to tell it like it is. So proud of our board today - standing up for us the way we deserve.
  2. If a penny is taken from money we contributed, then I'll be raging. I want SFA to tell us who paid for it. I'd also say this is far from the minimum though. Very very very far.
  3. A wee bit of "overexuberance" for you......

    This could be vital evidence against the claims that Rangers fans were quick to join the Hibs fans on the pitch for a scrap. Clear and extended provocation, in the face of which the fans showed remarkable restraint. Their version of events must be disputed.
  4. Let's Be Clever, Use Social Media

    We want their jobs. I for one will be hounding George Watson's College.
  5. This is happening

    He did punch it's arsehole
  6. Wallace assault

    Very clear picture of the guy. Should have no trouble bringing him to justice. Stupid cretin.
  7. This is happening

    It's shocking. Surely things can't just continue like this? If we fight back they feel justified in how they portray us, and hit us with disproportionate punishments. If we do nothing, the lies, portrayals and treatment just get worse. A strong board, willing to challenge the authorities seems like the only way to orchestrate the fight back.
  8. End of the season evaluation

    First and foremost I'd congratulate the management and players for achieving our primary goals and even going a wee bit beyond with the semi-final win and revamping our training, preparation, scouting etc. But I also have to be honest and say the performances since the title win and semi have really put a dampener on the season for me. We've been terrible at the back. We shipped far too many goals and done nothing to fix it, hence why we find ourselves losing today to a very poor hibs side, who themselves failed to get past Falkirk. We let Hibs win today by gifting free headers and shots on goal. Wes, Kiernan and even Tav should have played themselves out of automatic selection next season. I think we need a gk, two dfs, challenge for the full back positions, a dm, an attacking mid, a winger and a striker all good enough for the first team in this window. I trust MW, Davie and Frank to do that, but today's result can't have helped from a budget or proposition point of view. Hurting after today, but onwards and upwards and looking forward to what we can achieve next season with the quality men at the helm.
  9. This is happening

    I've known all along that everyone hates us. I've known they are obsessed by us, trying to find flaw in everything we do. They spin stories, rewrite history, Invent lies and constantly portray us as the greatest force for evil in the country. But I still didn't expect them to stoop as low as they have done today. The way the general public and even public figures are reacting to the events today in the news and on social media, making it about anything other than the horrific assault of Rangers players, has sickened me to my stomach. Only in this country, with this government, and an unchecked biased media, could we be portrayed as the villains in full view of one of the worst examples of football hooliganism in decades. You would need to be morally bankrupt to blame those minority Rangers fans who went onto the pitch after their heroes had already been assaulted. Utterly morally bankrupt.
  10. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    What an absolute fucking joke. Can't defend a single thing.
  11. Welcome To Rangers Jordan Rossiter

    Great news! Another cracking performance by the men in charge. Congrats to them all. Very excited to see how he progresses.
  12. Conor Hourihane

    If he really does hate us, is it more likely he won't play out his skin for us? When our backs are against the wall and we need a goal to secure 3 points, will he be going all out to make it happen? Will he not potentially accept 2nd place as, to a neutral, it would seem like a decent effort for our first season back? If a bid comes in for him and it's too low, will be go in a huff, trying to push a deal through if it suits him? To us as fans, is a victory not a little more hollow if it comes from someone who would rather have scored it for the opposition? Will he buy into the team spirit, and forget his own self-interests if he's potentially only grudgingly come here to pick up the wages? Warburton is a very smart man who understands football. And I also think he is beginning to understand Rangers, the fans and our expectations/priorities. If he thinks none of the previously mentioned will be an issue then I'll go along with it a little grudgingly, as Hourihane will.
  13. Jordan Rossiter

    Thanks a lot mate, very interesting read.
  14. We started the journey with a 2-2 result away

  15. a view from china

    That was superb Couldn't dream up something that weird if you paid me in LSD!