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  1. a view from china

    That was superb Couldn't dream up something that weird if you paid me in LSD!
  2. Barrie McKay

    Top top top goal! What a wonderful wee player. Warbs is a magician!
  3. Fall of the house of David Murray

    Let's not forget that the real evil here lies at the door of HMRC. Without their unprecedented, bigotry-driven campaign to sink ourclub, none of this ever would have happened. Just read what the VB have uncovered on their employees. Dozens of chairmen sanctioned the useuse ofEBTs for years on the basis that their highly paid legal teams said they were above board. How many of them were relentlessly and publically hounded by the taxman? How many of their teams were relegated to the bottom division and threatened to have their titles stripped? How many of their teamsare now the victim of a smear campaign from our national broadcaster? For me personally, getting us to hate Murray is part of their plan. They want us to believe Rangers have done something wrong - that we deserved to be punished. Frankly, I can't see anything we done that wasn't an exact parallel of the actions of dozens of other clubs. I don't think we deserve a singlepunishment,and the last four years hasbeen ahorrific miscarriage of justice. So while I won't tell anyone Murray is a saint or that they should thinkanything positive about him whatsoever, I don't personally have any hatred left to give him because I used it up on theHMRC staff who carried out a personal vendetta against us, the MSPs who used us for political point scoringand the media who still print lies about us everyday. Without them, would Craig Whyte ever have owned Rangers?
  4. Livingston Tweet

    If it's as you say, just goes to show how amateurish the Scottish game is. A football club tweeting like a five year old ona tantrum.
  5. *****The Official Raith Rovers v Rangers thread*****

    Should have ended a minute earlier, 4-2 and without a penalty save.
  6. *****The Official Raith Rovers v Rangers thread*****

    Clusterfuck of a refereeing display
  7. *****The Official Raith Rovers v Rangers thread*****

    Easy Forrester we won't be able to afford your contract at this rate!
  8. *****The Official Raith Rovers v Rangers thread*****

    Cracking header
  9. ****The Official Falkirk v Rangers thread****

    Shambles tonight. Plenty lessons there to be learned.
  10. ****The Official Falkirk v Rangers thread****

    Chucked the towel. Let's see the character now lads. Win this!
  11. How would you like to play in rangers legends game K park

    Who we playing? Would you be part of the Gers team (assume so) or opposition? Any guarantees onpitch time? What's the charity?Mainly asking for othersbenefit but would considerit myself.
  12. Genius reporter from The Sun

    Equal parts childish and unprofessional. I wonder how many other managers he's mocked publically. Pathetic.
  13. *****QOTS v Rangers Official match thread*****

    Going to be a long end to the season I think
  14. Motherwell escape punishment for pitch invasion

    We get a player banned for celebrating a goal. Motherwell get no punishment for invading the pitch and threatening women and children. Welcome to Scotland.