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  1. Motherwell escape punishment for pitch invasion

    We get a player banned for celebrating a goal. Motherwell get no punishment for invading the pitch and threatening women and children. Welcome to Scotland.
  2. New scran

    Looks good mate cheers for heads up   
  3. New scran

    There's a demand for healthier food these days, even at the footy. It's a bit shit just expecting us to only want pies and hot dogs. I'd buy more food at games if it wasn't just a greasy heart attack on a roll.
  4. Gliches

    Sounds like a nickname for Gael Clichy
  5. King looks like a good lad - like the commitment with the early night comment. What a way to start your time with us!
  6. Halliday Red Card Video

    That's the authorities drawn a new line. Every time a player crosses that line will they get booked? Will they fuck.
  7. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Where is the post match interview shown? Is it not until later on the official site?
  8. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Please tell me that's a joke?
  9. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    That's not just any refereeing mistake. That one was special. I don't give a shit about yellows not getting overturned, that needs to get rescinded.
  10. *** Championship Rivals Scores Thread ***

    Crossed wires probably
  11. *** Championship Rivals Scores Thread ***

    Eh? I was calling the Hivs fan delusional for thinking they're better than us on their day.
  12. Goalscorer And Assists Tables

    Just checking in on this thread for the first time in a few months and really impressed with the contribution from the fullbacks. Totally justifies MW's focus on them as a major attacking threat. Also good to see Tav become a bit more solid and dependable as a defender in recent weeks.
  13. *** Championship Rivals Scores Thread ***

    That lad's delusional! What a tit.
  14. Good Times

    Agree with the positive sentiments towards the board. They get more scrutiny than others which makes them seem incompetent at times, but that is the media agenda. This wifi story being headline news for example - not sure that would make the papers if it was the other side if the city.
  15. Cammy Bell On The Bench Today

    Don't disagree but it's best if one if your three reliable keepers is early twenties max to justify being third in the pecking order. Can't think of many outfield players who'd be happy enough being third choice lb, cm, cf etc.