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  1. Surely if it's the Physio it will be at Auchenhowie?
  2. He said the other day he's still with the physio
  3. what the fuck was that?
  4. Gardener if you are listing to RTV....
  5. what was the applause for?
  7. some cunt tell this guy its GARNER
  8. Cross or shoot waldo, don't do both!
  9. anyone have any couch medicine?
  10. I just don't see how he fits into our system. I thought he might be an option if we decide to change things up a it but we don't
  11. What annoys me is we can all come up with some fairly decent options on the McKay situation, but MW just does not budge at all.
  12. Fod the prod.
  13. Canny be. Warbs face would be done in from all the heatbuttin and Forrester still has both legs
  14. Just do it...if only it were that easy.