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  1. Match Reaction From That Guy

    I'm no even gonna watch it. The guy is a fucking roaster.
  2. goram v.hooijdonk or mcgregor v bremen

    I'm gonna go for shagger. As much as i like the Goram save, Van hoodoo hits it right at him. It's a great save and in real time it's hard to work out just how. The slow mo from behind the goal shows it . McGregor i'm sure had a fucked ankle on the side he dived to save mcdonals penility as well. I'm sure he was subbed not long after that for Alexander and that was the start of the injury that kept him out of the rest of the season including the Uefa Cup Semi's and Final
  3. Lee McCulloch Thanks...

    Must have been shitting himself with how last season went. I'm glad he got a good reception.
  4. another merchandise topic

    Probably have them in the club shop. Not sure about wallpaper mind. 
  5. Dom Ball

    Thought he looked good today
  6. Cracked the post, the bar and had about 5 almost goals. Just wasn't out day. Their keeper was on form as well
  7. Zelalem

    I thought he done not to bad today
  8. New scran

    Anything is better than the hotdogs from the normal outlets in the stadium. Rock hard baguette, 2 fit long burnt black bit of meat all in a sweaty foil wrap. Mmmm mmm.
  9. New scran

    The price of the food in Ibrox is a fucking joke.
  10. Floaty corners and crosses...

    Remember the last 3 years when we could barely get the ball off the ground. Yeah. These corners are fine.
  11. Should we try and sign Dominic Ball?

    I'm not sure. Is he that much better than Wilson? Wilson is tied to a contract, it's not as if we can off load him easily. I think we should be looking to strengthen in key areas that are premiership quality. 
  12. Welcome to Rangers, Michael O'Halloran

    Glad we got this one over the line. Can't wait for the next home game now
  13. John Terry

    Certainly put some of the players on high alert with their Wives
  14. RST Statement on Herald Action Over Spiers

    Good statement from the RST
  15. Falkirk TV

    Ahahaha  ''Time wastin at ayebrox, well...'' what a little greetin faced cunt. Sometimes ya just don't play well but the mark of Champions is that you still win. Good luck in the play offs ya wee dick