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  1. The Captaincy

    Hopefully the arrival of Barton will inspire Wallace to be more vocal. But it should absolutely remain with him.
  2. 'Mob Rule' Claims Just Don’t Stack Up

    I know there is a lot going on right now, but i really want the club to take them to task over this. I cannot believe the Daily Record have backed this woman.
  3. Any further correspondence from the record editor about this? How he can say she was only referring to her husband is beyond me. I think I've seen one tweet in 30 directed to her husband.
  4. 4-3-3 Or Maybe Something Else?

    I think our formation has worked this season. As people have said, we need to strengthen in our defensive areas and have greater depth. I think our numbers are not too far off what Warburton likes but the quality of our depth is not great
  5. It's Jason Holt & Halliday

    Hopefully it gives players a kick up the arse knowing that if they do not perform, they are replaced. I would have liked to have seen a young RB step in for Tav a few times this season
  6. First Minister condemns violence

    When Ally and Popcorn teeth had a tussle, they brought in this ridiculous act. Our players were fucking attacked on Saturday and this is it? Fucking hell, what a joke.
  7. Jason Cummings

    Watching him play on Saturday he's overall play is not good enough. He's not a team player i feel. when he doesn't have the ball he's moping about and arguing with the officials. Our players in that position are constantly on the move for space so he wouldn't fit in. As much as he is an arsehole, he does have talent. Just not right for our system i believe.
  8. Any update on our players?

    Hmm. Real lack of any photos during the mayhem. I wonder if that is because they are currently ''in use'' if you know what i mean
  9. Zelalem

    Looked the most calm on the park for us yesterday Bee. Do you mean shitbag in terms of putting a tackle in?
  10. Any update on our players?

    Ok someone PM me i would love to know who sparked him out
  11. Rangers FC statement

    Fantastic from the board. I think they have picked up on everything there. Really a top top statement. I couldn't believe the BBC yesterday. Clyde 1 was condemning it, while the BBC were sweeping it under the carpet. Absolute disgrace.
  12. Subbing Zelalem for Shiels

    I thought he was our most composed player and played really well. Didn't understand the sub
  13. 20 years ago today

    Brian is a sexy bastard
  14. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    If this doesn't go through now we are back to the old days with this shit. Not happy this is still rumbling on.
  15. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    You think these guys would have a word with their partners or families before making the trek up. ''Where you off to Joey?'' ''Just out love, see you in a bit'' 3 days later.....''Hey love, how about a move to Glasgow? No? Oh shit..''