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  1. There is no chance he will be suspended for betting in 1 game.
  2. Nah. If he is sold then it will be for nothing.
  3. Yeah, you are correct there. Not the first footballer to say something stupid like that, and wont be the last.
  4. Most of the team did! Tav, Windass and Garner for his goal were pass marks for me.
  5. What i was meaning was that everyone has taken these headlines and completely turned on Barton. I'm not saying he's an angel but i do not think he deserves this level of backlash from our support.
  6. You're acting like he's been spending him time off at Lennoxtown or something.
  7. Exactly what is going on now that's what. He's been hung out to dry. And really, The club should have told him to keep his mouth shut the first time like they have now. The manager knows he's got a big gob said before he wont ask him to stop his various spouts on twitter. We'd still be waiting for a statement from the club if Barton hadn't posted what happened. As i remember, pretty much everyone was happy with the first two tweets. I find it strange how everyone jumps on the medias back, but will take their twisted headlines and quotes that are out of context as pure gospel and then turn against one of our own players
  8. said he probably wouldn't have moved knowing what he knows now but in the end he knows it will be the right decision. He's not a Rangers man, never grew up in Copland road so i think it's perfectly reasonable for him to say something like that going what he is going through now.
  9. I hope too. I mean we have managed to get a great player down here. We have seen flashes of him stepping up. Could be the been the adrenaline rush kicking in after a half time roasting as it's clear he is not fit. Pre season he fucked about because he couldn't go to the US. As Boyd said, he should have been at Murray park.
  10. Yeah i agree that asking him to stay away looks like we are trying to cut a deal with him, or giving him rope know...It's a stupid decision by the club and one that i am really annoyed about. He isn't fit now, and will be miles behind if he ever did come back. They have let the media stir this up and fans are buying into these headlines like Barton wanted Celtic move, he wouldn't move here now etc etc...Because Barton can't talk now, he can't say it's a lot of shite for fear of giving the club an excuse to terminate his contract. Not only have fans bought into this media frenzy, we have Barry Ferguson and Kris Boyd wading in as if they were angels at the club. Their conduct was shocking when PLG was the manager. Each day now it's getting harder and harder for him to return with everyone turning their backs on him. I say, if he remains a Rangers player, we back him 100% and if not we just move on. But until then we should just leave it. Some of the stuff that's been said to him by our fans is shocking.
  11. Is there really? I mean what has really been said since Monday? A quote saying he might not have moved here had he known there would be this hassle but in the end he knows it will be the right choice. The Mhedia have gotten our fans into such a frenzy about him it's unreal. The club and manager need to shoulder some of the blame over this as well. Barton is being hung out to dry before he's had a fair crack at the whip.
  12. I still hope he makes a return. He's got a big gob, yeah but i don't think for one minuet he's engineered a move to Rangers to promote his book. He's not had a preseason and only played 5 games. The team as a whole have been poor. I still hope he makes a come back for us and proves to be the player we all hoped.
  13. That's a classic mate
  14. As soon as i seen legend i clicked that link to make sure