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  1. I agree, not playing well. What we need is to start a thread about him to see if the others feel the same....
  2. I don't think it's logical at a point in the players career where they have earned obscene amounts of money. A player that has won 3 major trophies in his career...
  3. People using money as logic but when you have it all, i think playing for this type of club can trump cash as per Barton. My manager is a Stoke fan so i would fucking love it if he chose us over them considering our last conversation about Scottish Football and Rangers
  4. Burnley last season was my youngest's first game.
  5. McKay again foe me. MOH and Windass looked good as well but McKay had a foot in all 3 goals.
  6. I've taken mine younger than that and yeah they can get bored but that was me taking them along. If your daughter is asking, then i would definitely take them along! Just make sure you have a back up like a mobile with games on it. Don't tell them you have it until they tell you they're bored though. I'd take them stuff to eat as well as it's easier than waiting in the queue. Forgot to say, pick your game wisely. A full house can be too noisy for them and put them off. Monday night might be an ideal trip
  7. Like the thread idea, hope it goes all season. Hard choice between Niko and Barrie. Some of Niko's play was just class but Barrie shades it with his goal and overall performance.
  8. Why are we sticking with this lighter blue?
  9. Tim Skelper Academy
  10. Love it bar the stupid puma logo on the sleeves. Ok it it was white i guess but being red it just doesn't look right
  11. Thought this was about Goram there for a second
  12. Breaking news: Scotland vote No to Independence!
  13. Wish him all the best
  14. I see the joke but he grabbed him with the throat. Cuts off before we see the afters