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  1. Only change is would make is Hill off for Kiernan and wilson for Senderos if he's fit and signed etc.. .
  2. No.
  3. I was there mate and believe me i celebrated. I think it's funny but cringing as well because it's motherwell.
  4. You're right, i keep forgetting we're a 4 year old club. I guess every point counts in our impending relegation battle. That's if we survive admin #83
  5. Funny, but also slightly embarrassing. It's Motherwell after all.
  6. I'd have Kernin ahead of Wilson. Wilson left MacDonald after having him goal side for his tap in. Rob was pretty solid yesterday.
  7. I thought he was great in the second half yesterday. Trouble is we are only playing well one half each game. Hamilton and Motherwell we picked it up in the second half. Dundee in the first half. We need to start as we mean to go on and not rely on a roasting from the manager to get us in gear.
  8. hallelujah brother
  9. He haufed skippy righ in front of me while winning the ball and we fucked loved it. I thought he was great in the second half
  10. At the game guys and didn't have a good angle. Was their goal off side?
  11. Guess we'll find out today. Seen on FB that we wont be wearing the kit today either. Can't wait for all this shit to be over.
  12. Warburton and the team are fantastic at selling Rangers to these guys. I bet they could sell you into letting them have a go on your missus
  13. Some big names in that team. Players that had or went on to play for big names in world football. But doubt any of them had a season with such intensity as that one.
  14. I can't get why some folk are saying they are not a fan of Dave King and the current board. How short are your memories?
  15. I think we'll end up with Senderos