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  1. 1-0 down at home to fucking Aberdeen and we have 35% of possession. This is absolutely farcical
  2. "Who is the most funniest in the team?" These questions man
  3. Team needed that. "Gardener" needed that. Lets push on from here
  4. Came in to ask that, thought I was the only one hearing it
  5. Absolute screamer from Kenny, perfect 100th goal. Well done big man
  6. Feel like everyone's being saying this for weeks. Even if we do beat Partick Thistle the chances of us going on a run are slim to none in my opinion, too inconsistent and too poor to even consider stringing a few games together.
  7. 25 mins of nothing here. Had the ball more than them but done fuck all with it. No service at all up front. Wouldn't be surprised if they score from chasing Wes down at the back
  8. Good opportunity to reclaim 2nd after Hertz dropped points today. Have a strange feeling of optimism going into this one, more than most of our recent games. Reckon we'll come out on top 2-0. Although the way this season has went I wouldn't be surprised if we lost by the same score line.
  9. Twice we've won ugly now, which is a good sign. Fucking buzzing we won that. Lets kick on now. WATP
  10. Very poor so far. I think the players are lacking confidence at the moment. Either that or they can't cope with the pressure of being in the top flight. Things need shaken up badly in the second half, no waiting around till 60 mins, but chances are that's what will happen. Can see this finishing 2-0 or 2-1 to Motherwell. The sooner the players missing out today come back into our team the better, because this is fucking murder.
  11. I'll be genuinely shocked if we win this game
  12. Controlling the game but lacking that bit of quality up front, a few times we've crossed from the wings and millers been in the box by himself with five players around him, Miller should have put us 3-0 up right before they scored. 6/10 half for me.
  13. All teams have to do is get a set piece against us or run at Wilson with the ball and more often than not they'll score. Shambolic.
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