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  1. Made this my name in support of Mr Mendes in '08 mate ;) Back on topic, what's the point? Your whole post reeks of "I was right and you were wrong" pish. I don't get the mentality of these "I told you so" posts like these.
  2. Take it you're buzzing we lost tonight just so you could make this thread, aye?
  3. 1-0 down at home to fucking Aberdeen and we have 35% of possession. This is absolutely farcical
  4. I did too ages ago, but on closer inspection I'm 100% sure it's photoshopped. The telling point is that none of the fans in the picture are paying any attention to him, or where he's meant to be.
  5. Great cult hero, but that picture is fake, sadly.
  6. "Who is the most funniest in the team?" These questions man
  7. Team needed that. "Gardener" needed that. Lets push on from here
  8. How did you forget the legend that was James Beattie?
  9. If you'd even bothered reading the thread you'd notice that I stated in several other posts that I actually agree with what the OP's post was about in general. At no point did I say he was wrong and defend Warburton.
  10. Cheers for that captain obvious, I'm simply saying things could have quite easily went completely different back in the day. The treble and champions league weren't even what I was going on about.
  11. Don't have many memories of McLeish as our manager but if it wasn't for Scott McDonald in '05 and Larsson/Thompsons arses collapsing at Killie he could have quite easily never won the league for us which is a scary thought.
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