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  1. Absolute screamer from Kenny, perfect 100th goal. Well done big man
  2. As a loyal Kaneinite since I was a wee boy I feel like his promo last year against Rollins last year around May when there had been tension building between him and the authority for a while and he snapped on Smackdown and made Rollins lie down for him in the ring has been one of the most underrated promos in a number of years
  3. Thought Summerslam was pretty decent for the most part, one of the most stacked cards they've had in ages, but it let itself down with the amount of matches they had. Reminded me of Wrestlemania this year, great card on paper but just too much. Summerslam was better though. Lesnar busting Orton open was a talking point but a really underwhelming end to what could have been a classic. Don't think I've enjoyed a match Lesnar has been in since Mania last year against Reigns.
  4. Used to listen to Colt Cabana's back when he was the only one really doing them, but haven't bothered with his much recently because none of his guests really interest me. I listen to Talk is Jericho and Stone Cold Unleashed quite often, Jericho's especially is really good. Can find them all on YouTube as well which is smashing.
  5. Anyone know of any part time stuff going just now? Need something to keep me occupied whilst uni's done for the summer, had three interviews over the past month and fucked them all, losing the will now. Based in Renfrewshire but can do Glasgow and Ayrshire. Cheers
  6. "Jordan Hughes gf is the bammiest shadow stalker ever" "My wee brothers a fat booster" "atcually burnt my nose on a snout last night" "@The_Real_Cmac1 @fraserjowett @jessicamackayx shut up Humpty Dumpty before I find u ya spongley wee wean" "Me swav and gilly outran the jail haha #creepysick" https://twitter.com/josephfaiz
  7. Here's a guy from my school that has some good patter on twitter, look out especially for his convo's with "the real cmac": "see if the sqa even contemplate getting cheeky with me tommorow I swear to fuck" "@The_Real_Cmac1 shouldn't u be playing skyrim you white collared hooligan" "Half fried pizza from the chippy was fucking clatty hate paul and his chippy" "Happy birthday hitler you fucking gay tashed wee riot a hate you" "@PaulDeighan2 @taylorturnerrr_ boost ya fuckin wannabe your body is not fit for a feegie ashtray" "@PaulDeighan2 @taylorturnerrr_ stop giving it big licks pablo u invalid
  8. Good tournament so far still gutted Anderson's out. If the location wasn't in Wolverhampton he would of pumped Jones
  9. Bump Anyone see the grand prix last week, Anderson vs Taylor was a fantastic match, really thought Anderson had the prick but Taylor came through Grand Slam next month, looking forward to that always a good mix of players and Anderson always seems to do well
  10. Would be good to see, but really cant see anyone beating Taylor on this form. Hopefully Barnie can stay strong from the start, otherwise Taylor will get away from him. Doesn't matter how good their form is, it's all down to Barney stepping up on the night. If we were judging by form anyway, Barney should be favorite tomorrow, this week he's hit a 9 darter and had much harder opponents. Taylor has dropped 6 legs to Barrie Bates and has only had Whitlock as competition, and lets be fair he was awful tonight whereas Barney's had Stompe and Wade. Come on Barney
  11. I'm going to the final tomorrow, Barney to beat fat cunt Taylor
  12. Some semi-final line up tonight, Wade and Barney are both capable of beating Taylor and hopefully Whitlock can beat the arrogant smug prick tonight
  13. Same here mate but 40 missed doubles is awful, Klaasen deserved the win sadly
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