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  1. Agreed it’s how neutral or negative they are in their play that’s a big part of the problem imo. If they sat deep but could drive forward and pass forward quickly to progress the play it wouldn’t be so bad.
  2. Tav and Barisic haven’t been playing as far up the park as people make out. Recently they haven’t been much more offensive than any teams full backs. We definitely don’t need two players like Jack and Kamara sitting quite so deep and being quite so neutral in their play.
  3. Game against Aberdeen was a bit rough but we had 30 shots, 3 goals and 75% possession against St Mirren. But, I would like us to drop one of Jack and Kamara tbh. The manager likes this extremely controlled way of playing, it’s not going anywhere soon imo.
  4. We’ve improved technically from last year - much fewer stray passes and it gets moved quicker.
  5. The Aribo one-two and then final ball was lovely. Early days but he’s come on a ton by the looks of it.
  6. We’re looking controlled and solid. We could improve a bit in the final third. Interesting to see how we cope with being top this early.
  7. Aribo and Kent doing well. Barisic and Morelos not far behind them. Defensively no sweat.
  8. I’d rather see the likes of Arfield in for Jack / Kamara
  9. This is what I’m getting mate are you any further forward?
  10. Jack, Kamara, Morelos. Would’ve hoped to only see one of them.
  11. Garbage by all accounts. Yet more evidence that the ‘best of the rest’ is nowhere near good enough to cut it at our level. Mark Allen did well giving us an infrastructure but from a scouting point of view thank fuck he’s gone.
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