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    Looked like one of our main threats tonight or am I missing something? Two or three excellent balls in which should have been put in the net.
  2. ShanksRFC


    Solid game albeit against very poor opposition.
  3. My first home game of the season, can't wait 😎
  4. Dreadful signing that got even worse when the thick cunt started broadcasting his walloper on Snapchat.
  5. Search Las Vegas Rangers Supporters club on google or facebook. Can't remember the name of the bar they use now, it's changed over the years.
  6. Don't fancy Wolves at all, very good team with some world class players.
  7. Fingers crossed it's Warsaw, probably easiest but going to be a tough couple of legs whoever we face.
  8. Doesn't look like much wind today, probably some lowish scores.
  9. Cunt hit the wrong ball and everything. "The adjustment was made following an error in reviewing his score on the 7th hole. David lost his first two balls from the tee and then played a wrong ball for the third ball played from the tee. On discovering the mistake at the green he had to return to where the wrong ball was played but the correct ball could not be found. Therefore he had to play again from the tee for a fourth time under penalty of stroke and distance. He played six shots in completing the hole with the fourth ball from the tee. He incurred a two-shot penalty for playing the wrong ball but the strokes played with the wrong ball do not count in his score (Rule 6.3c). Aboves from golf digest hahahahaa. Fucking mental.
  10. An utterly dug shite pick from me, cunts +4 already. Anytime Betway do that offer on the major the player I pick makes a cunt of it first round.
  11. Worth a pop at 150/1. Betway are doing an offer if your player wins at the end of any round they will pay out as winner. Stuck a tenner on Andy Sullivan, 125/1. Hes out early doors tomorrow so you never know.
  12. Bet Rahm to win both Irish Open and this. Fingers crossed he holds it together tomorrow, late tee time in the wind. Also bet Kuchar and small ew bets on Mcintyre, Kisner and Ancer.
  13. Morelos looks like hes enjoyed his Summer, some gut.
  14. A never really go with much hope mate but I enjoy playing different courses. Wee change from the usual Saturday medal.
  15. Was through at Peebles open today, golf was pretty shite but a wee magic two made it worth the jaunt. Lovely course and weather. Only stopped bevying at 5 this morning and teed off at 10.20, you can guess the quality wasnt the best.. Going to Gourock open on Saturday, never played there either.
  16. 4LHAD replied on twitter to say Rangers won. Doesn't know the scoreline yet.
  17. May have a punt on QPR being relegated. Cunt won't last past Christmas.
  18. Sure Campbell tweeted that it wasn't totally confirmed yet despite what some news outlets were saying. Not sure if that's still the case.
  19. Another shite medal from me today. Ball was travelling miles. Thought I hit a belter of tee shot into a par 3 and it bounced over green into the shite. Walked off with a 7 😡 was about 180 yards uphill.
  20. They'll aw be fucking shite on here when we draw with Killie first game of season.
  21. Two utter pricks, him and Roy Keane.
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