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  1. Anderson fucked it with that missed double in second set. Price looked superb, wish id bet him and mvg final at 5/1 at the start
  2. Got tickets for the old firm game on Sunday in here. Says theres a bar and lounge up the stair, it big or no?
  3. At the end of the season we play the same amount of league fixtures as that mob against the same teams. Pretty sure they have 9 games out of 13 away from home after January or similar.
  4. Never seen it live but watched it this morning fucking moron.
  5. Clemens done me out of a few quid last night, 4 match darts missed 😫
  6. She would have beat the majority of the men today Some of the avereages been absolutely pish.
  7. That Rowby Rodriguez fucked my afternoon double there. 81 average and 14% on doubles, woeful.
  8. Hearts are relegation fodder, highly unlikely they get anything.
  9. Very winnable draw and a preferable home draw first.
  10. About time a Rangers one opened up, plenty shitty irish haunts about.
  11. ShanksRFC


    Dont think he is playing as bad as some are making out. Still creating plenty space for others.
  12. Had £20 on Lerchbacher and Young double last night that returned £375 and £20quid single on Labanauskas that returned £80. I was going to include Huybrechts but thought he looked awful in his first game. Had £40 on Morelos FGS earlier but good weekend overall 🎯
  13. Any bets on the night lads? I've got Huybrechts to win and most 180s and Jelle Klassen -1.5 handicap. £20 quid double returns £95.
  14. Fucking love hin, went from terrible value to superb value in the space of a few months.
  15. Inter for me 🥴 bad enough Izpeazu against our defence nevermind Lakaku.
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