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  1. Is this game being televised?
  2. ronniemca


    Might be wrong but is he not a Londoner?.Could be ,like many from the capital he thinks the world ends at Watford.watch him sign for Charlton or Leyton Orient in a few weeks
  3. ronniemca

    Honest interview from the manager

    Sounding like the manager is starting to really feel the pressure now .Going to be very interesting next 3 weeks methinks
  4. ronniemca


    Time to bring in young Kelly and Palmer to the squad.This has got to be the last of bringing in young loanees to hopefully improve them for their parent clubs to the detriment of our own youngsters who are desperate for a chance.FARCICAL
  5. ronniemca

    As a support (re: middleton)

    Middleton has potential,that's all.He could become a good player but he needs to add an awful lot to his game.To me he needs lots of space behind a fullback to use his pace over a distance.He needs to work on shifting the ball a few yards and improving his initial burst of speed to whip the ball in ala wee bud.
  6. ronniemca


    You won't see the best of Barisic unless we play a player in front of him with a football brain.Middleton is not that player,Jamie Murphy would have been ideal,a player that could move inside and dovetail with the overlapping fullback.Maybe try Grezda there.
  7. ronniemca

    Horrendous Feeling of Deja Vu

    Gerard's remit was to put together a team that first and foremost would take care of the dross in the league.Never mind St Pats ,Just routinely beat the run of the mill teams and see where it would take us.He has failed to do this.We are dropping points left right and centre and he needs to call this .Other managers have been hunted for similar.
  8. ronniemca

    Loan players need to go

    Loan players are fine but in our case they need to be players who have experience and who are needing game time.Bringing in young guys who are really just apprentices is no good at a club where pressures are intense.
  9. ronniemca

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Tough game ahead .Where do the goals come from?. No game changers on that bench either
  10. ronniemca

    Pish Result and Performance But...

    If we go with that midfield on the 29th it will be a cricket score mate.You can bet your life on it
  11. ronniemca


    Thought he lost the right back at the cross for the goal.Bad piece of ball watching,other than that he done ok and I'm sure SG will point it out to him in the analysis of the game
  12. ronniemca


    Not the game for him tomorrow .Flannigan for all his faults is a good defender and tomorrow will be his kind of game.No prisoners taken.Barisic on Wed against the sheep
  13. ronniemca

    Jamie murphy recovering phase 2.

    Think he would have been the perfect partner for Barisic on the left.Has the brains to move inside and find Borna on the overlap.A big loss as he can chip in with goals at the same time
  14. ronniemca


    Kyle lafferty was, eeeeh Kyle lafferty.Same as he always was,Same as he always was
  15. ronniemca

    Coulibaly Unavailable For Motherwell Game

    Very poor stuff.Condolences to the boy and his family