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  1. ronniemca


    Nothing wrong last night for me except I just can't take him seriously when he talks about the tactical and technical side of the game.i just keep drifting back to the.farcical tenure he had as our manager and it makes me very angry.OH AAAAbsaaaloooootly.
  2. We won't be bouncing back with that midfield,that's for sure.Bring in Jack and Mcrorie for Coulibaly and Ejaria.
  3. ronniemca

    Pressing v Counter

    Leggoeater said exactly the same as he said in the 5-0 humping last season."we saw they were camping in so we moved up into their half and brought our defenders up and they couldn't get out".It really is men playing boys at the moment I'm afraid
  4. ronniemca

    Never winning the title this season

    To win a cup we are inevitably going to come up against you know who.How is that going to work?To win things we need to beat them and to beat them we need better players ,so there is a bit to go yet before we are celebrating trophies.lets start by beating all the other teams in the league regularly and see how close that gets us meanwhile we can tweak the side releasing the ones who are not up to it and bringing others in.It is the only way IMO.
  5. ronniemca

    For anyone interested

    We can talk all day about pressing here there And everywhere but until we have players who are prepared to go toe to toe with them all over the pitch,win their battles and play when we have the ball we will never beat them. Because that's what they have been doing to us for the past 3years.
  6. ronniemca

    Massive wake up call

    AEK and hearts have players who will go toe to toe with them in the middle of the park that's the difference.At Tynecastle the other week Brown was getting rag dolled all over the place .look at today , absolutely strolled it. AGAIN. Can somebody enlighten me as to what this guy Arfield's position is .He is obviously not a defensive mid.nor is he a no 10, nor is he box to box .just what is he supposed to be doing.
  7. ronniemca

    Massive wake up call

    Don't think it's a myth that they are way ahead of anything in Scotland.I said it would take 3-4 windows for us to get anywhere near them and nothing I've seen will change my mind.We are a work in progress and at a push will make second place and for anyone to have thought we were going to win the league was utter delusion.
  8. ronniemca

    Gerrard from Day One

    We are making progress and that is all we can expect.SG needs at least 2 more windows to establish a team that can win the league.It is an ongoing process where we bring in players some who will succeed and some who will fall by the way and be replaced.That is how all teams are built and we are no different.This team as it stands will not win the league and some people will need to get reai andget off the team and the managers back when that reality hits in.Iam confident we are moving in the right.Patience is the main thing here.
  9. ronniemca

    Last 20 mins - Game Management

    The sub did what he was told though and marked his man.Once again Tav has let his man walk away from him for a tap in.Let his man get a free header for the second,lost his man at the near post when the guy missed a sitter and generally looked like a fuckin drunk man every time Motherwell attacked
  10. ronniemca

    Manager Reaction

    He won't sort it with Tavernier in the defence ,that's for sure.How many goals has this guy got to give away before somebody clicks that he will never be a defender as long as he has a hole in his arse
  11. ronniemca

    Super on BT Sport

    Absalooootely Chris ,Absalooootely Chris.Wee fuckin Uncle Tom
  12. ronniemca


    He might be a good player when he realises he's not playing in fuckin youth games anymore.the tarriers midfielders will eat him up and spit him out.
  13. ronniemca

    Middleton Promoted to the First team

    Year left on contract.Hearts preparing a derisory offer of 200k
  14. ronniemca

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Osijek thread***

    Early goal will help the nerves but certainly won't kill tie.The Croatians will come with the idea that 2 goals will see them through whether they go one down or not.This is going to be a very close and nervy affair right up to the final whistle and may even end up in penalties.I will go for 2-2 and be perfectly happy at that.
  15. ronniemca

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    Good result,not a great performance though .The midfield completely lost it in the second half ,no composure and the loan players looked just like previous,all right on the ball and fuckin hopeless off it.As for Jack ,what the fuck was he playing at in the last 15mins ? Looked as if he had changed his boots to the wrong feet.