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  1. ronniemca


    Sorry but I've yet to see this cavalier footballer your describing.I see a player who is timid,short of pace ,and uncomfortable when one on one defensively.He may turn things round but I really doubt it.Halliday will be our left back for the remainder of the season if The managers reactions are anything to go with
  2. ronniemca


    Tidy player no more no less. The midfielder we need badly is not there at the moment.We need an aggressive goal scoring player, making late runs into the box and shooting from around 20yards from goal.St Pats have 3 such players in Rogic,McGregor and Christie who make these runs and contribute with goals and therein lies the biggest difference between the two sides
  3. ronniemca

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    He reminded me a lot of Wallace.Poor when faced up to a winger and completely unable to stop crosses coming into the box.Roasted by Stewart on Wed and it could have cost us.Halliday must play tonight
  4. ronniemca

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Got to be kidding ,Barisic will get a roasting from any reasonable winger.Just pray he is not playing at the paedodome next month I'm having nightmares at the thoughti
  5. ronniemca

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    Got to be Halliday at left back .This is going to be a battle and I don't think Barisic is suited to playing in this type of game.In fact I would say defensively he is a fuckin liability.
  6. ronniemca


    Absolutely no aggression in this guys play.Couldnt tackle a fish supper and got a roasting from Stewart.Andy Halliday every time for me
  7. ronniemca

    Last weeks defeat taken pressure right off the scum

    I think it will be all over by this time next week.A draw is the very best we will get at Aberdeen,which in the context of the battle for second is a decent result
  8. ronniemca

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Thread***

    Tough game ,as always we are looking for reaction after another fuck up.This really is last chance saloon as far as the league is concerned and is going to be a very nervy affair. 1-1
  9. ronniemca

    If We Don't Finish Top Two..

    At the beginning of the season all I asked of Gerrard was to beat the cannon fodder around us in the league,forget StPats,just beat the teams that we should be beating and see where it gets us.In my opinion he has failed dramatically in that sense,We are no better than we have been in the past few years if truth be told and the manager is what he is ,a high profile youth coach learning his trade and displaying all the traits of that .One day he may become a good manager but I highly doubt it will be with us.
  10. ronniemca

    Grezda - where is he?

    Watched him training today.They were doing an awful lot of heavy running exercises and some of the players were struggling in the heat.However Grezda ,Katic and Worral were very impressive.Terrific athletes .
  11. ronniemca

    Possible solution to the minute's silence issue?

    Correct ,we have some real fuckin zoomers in our support as well
  12. ronniemca

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    I'd give my right arm for a draw right now
  13. ronniemca

    What the fuck is going wrong and how do we fix it?

    The pass he makes to Middleton arrives to his right foot instead of beyond his left .i sit right in line with this and I was going ape shit as Middleton had to adjust his body to get the ball in front of his left foot .Just another example of how technically poor our players are
  14. ronniemca

    Full Support for Gerrard

    StPats are not signing many academy loanees though.We have brought in young academy players to play crucial positions in a pressurised environment and it simply doesn't work.
  15. ronniemca

    Alfredo dropped an Old Firm bombshell

    Players are only a twist or a tackle away from their careers going pear shaped. They will want to cash in when they are on an upward spiral.I wouldn't think he holds out much hope of winning anything with us in the near future either.