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  1. Whatever can be reasonably affordable.Big difference between a supporter and a fan IMO.i was a Dean Martin Fan but I never contributed a fucking penny to him
  2. Kings views are spot on re this subject .been saying it for years,we have a large "fan" base but how many are actual supporters of the club in that they contribute to the clubs existance as against bumping their gums in websites and pubs when they could hardly find their way to Ibrox.we all know the type and if they contributed financially to the club no matter how little and no matter where they come from then they would indeed be supporters and the club would be better off.but like in all walks of life some like to talk the talk and leave it to others to pick up the tab.
  3. If we lose the first goal we can all go home.the heads will drop and it could end up anything.there will be 11 blue jerseys out there tomorrow but they are filled with absolute imposters,the are not Rangers and never will be in my eyes
  4. What is it with this club and defending long punts down the park and corner kicks?.honest take fuck .i watched Man City take 7 off of that mob 3 months ago and we make them look good because nobody can attack a ball properly
  5. The only thing he can learn is what we've all known all season .the players are absolutely fuckin shit.the worst bunch of untalented ,unmotivated,cowardly no marks ever to represent the club in the top league.the manager is on a hiding to nothing ,good luck to the guy,he's gonnae need it.
  6. Piss poor .two fuckin bad lots.we have absolutely no forward players whatsoever.we could play here till Christmas and still not for the two premiership loaners ,whit the fuck!
  7. One positive thing about going through a difficult time as we are at the moment is it sorts out the wheat from the lt lets the real "supporters" get on with taking the club forward and gets rid of the so called "fans"until we win something or somebody else puts in loads of money,or they get in for next to nothing,or the manager is sacked ,or the board is changed.thank fuck I was never brought up to be like that.
  8. Still waiting for an answer as to why our illustrious chairman from America never attended the memorial service at Ibrox for the 66 when even Dr Death and TLB had the decency to show that's what I call an absent chairman.fuckin disgraceful IMO.
  9. Only one team pressing the ball .our midfield are nowhere to be seen and once the tiredness creeps in we are gonnae get royaly fucked.away tae walk the dug.fuckin sick of it.
  10. McKay is absolutely shitting himself
  11. Team full of cunts that can't do the basics will end up 5 again
  12. The midfield will be totally overrun, not a tackle or an ounce of fight amongst them.this is going to get really messy I think.
  13. I think the only chance of keeping the score down is to play Senderos ,Hill and Wilson across the back .Hodson at right back ,tavernier and Halliday as defensive mids and McKay Ohalleran and Miller to chase around the midfield .the scum are lethal at set pieces and if we play with two central defenders I shudder at what the final score will be
  14. Oh ally will reveal all to us ,just as soon as the court cases are over and we're prepared to stump up for the book ,the greedy ,lazy ,lying,money grabber that he is