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  1. Will a junior be able to get in with an adult or adult concession ticket?
  2. Got to give Flannigan as much game time as possible prior to the scum game.We can't have Barisic anywhere near playing against Naeneck,it would be a recipe for disaster
  3. Davis for Kamara.Halliday for Flannigan if he is leggy.That is it,Strongest team out possible for difficult fixtures.
  4. It's difficult for anyone who spent his whole career to date playing as a defender to come into midfield and be effective in anything but ball winning.If you watch Ross when he gets on the ball in tight areas he struggles to get his head up and see the picture.This is an essential part of any good midfield players game and it doesn't come naturally to anyone who has spent their life "facing Play"
  5. The problem with Mcrorie is that he simply is not a modern midfield player.He is a good athlete with the heart of a lion ,but really that's his lot.The boy was a right back for the majority of his young career,and a cracking one at that.He was shoved into an old firm game and played well in an ultra negative role and all of a sudden he was our own Busquets.Gerrard is wrong in this one,the boy is a defender and always has been.Get him back to where he is most comfortable Stevie
  6. That exactly it.He is trying to copy the Liverpool system of 433 ,which is fair enough.The difference lies in how the front 3 are deployed.The Liverpool front wide men are constantly coming inside into the box when the play is on the opposite wing.Our wide men are constantly on the line (probably because our full backs are hopeless defensively) which leaves us with an isolated striker usually against two ,sometimes three defenders.We are not implementing the 433 system properly and it's not just down to the players
  7. We can't just keep bringing in players.We needed a Manager/coach who could improve players,who was tactically astute and who could bring on youngsters .Instead we got a rookie" big name" glamour appointment designed to get the "place jumpin ".The type of appointment which has failed so often all over world football. I said all this last year and the scenario is working out just as I thought.An initial burst of euphoria resulting in some decent results then gradually running out of ideas when faced with challenges.We are now behind the eight ball as we can't afford to get rid of Gerrard even if we want to unless he decides to quit ,which is unlikely.
  8. Take a big piece with you ,this ones going to penalties
  9. This is it.Any successful team playing 433 need their wide players coming inside and interchanging with the main striker.look at Man City,Liverpool, even St Pats ,all have wide players and midfielders who contribute plenty of goals.we have wide players who generally stay on the line and cross the ball into the box for a lone striker usually surrounded by opposition players.Madness
  10. Once again the manager is hoping for a "reaction".Fuckin ding dong get me out this movie
  11. ronniemca


    Don't see any evidence at all that Gerrard is going to be a top manager.Yes we need to give him another couple of windows but for me the signs are not good,.The team is no better than previous years,the same mistakes repeated game after game and the same excuses and pleas for "reactions " trotted out after nearly every game.I hope I'm wrong but I really don't see it with Gerrard.
  12. Not sure it's a no 10 .More a goal scoring midfielders in my view .Look at the return St Pats get from their midfielders and wide players in the goal scoring stakes,that is where the big difference is between the sides is.All our midfielders are similar,tidy on the ball ,decent in the build up but completely hopeless around the opposition box
  13. The only player in the team who won his Physical battle with his opponent.Very concerning that the team were not Up for it once again in a crucial match.
  14. Could have done with McCrories Physicality beside him today.Jack and Arfield weren't at the races and Worral was the only player who matched his opponent physically all over the field
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