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  1. If King hadn't come in and rescued the club the fiascos certainly would never have happened because there would have been no fuckin club left in the first place
  2. Defoe was playing against a 17year old kid playing his first game.
  3. Kent reminds me of Naeneck in his younger years .Inconsistent even within games,pace to burn but iffy in his decision making and not much of a threat around the goals.However with the proper coaching and a bit of luck with injuries I'm confident of Kent being a 20 m player in the future.
  4. Must play Morelos in every game .We simply can't take a chance on leaving out our talisman anymore.
  5. A long long road to go and there will be twists and turns along the way.However as I've said from the first game,if we can get to the split within 3 points of them I believe we will win it.The pressure on them in the final 5 games would be like something they have never had to endure.
  6. We dominated the last old firm game ? .........WOW
  7. Grezda was replaced by Murty at halftime a couple of weeks ago for basically loitering on the pitch,Your last sentence answers the question I'd say.
  8. Yes ,he tried to get a nomination to stand a wee while ago and failed .Even they must think he's hopeless.
  9. How dare you try to tell a future SNP star anything about economics.The Bawbee will be one of the worlds major currencies don't chai know.
  10. Soon to be SNP member for Glasgow Barrowland
  11. Yeah we're good at throwing the ball to opposing players.Tav done it in the second half,then chucked it as they broke up the field and nearly scored.Absolutely disgraceful from a Rangers captain.
  12. Very tight game and could easily go either way.Kamara in for Aribo and Jones in for Ono .Flanagan at left back and we look pretty solid .1-1 is a good bet
  13. We've got off lightly here and every true Rangers supporter must draw a line now and forever.Some of our supporters are now going to miss out on a trip abroad following their team ,Others (maybe me,maybe you) are going to miss the first game at Ibrox.Nobody can complain as we are all guilty of singing these songs at some time or other ,not just the guys in thBF.We managed it last night.lets carry it on in every game,everywhere.The repercussions for failing the club are not worth it.
  14. Enlighten us all as to what the board have done wrong.Dont say they haven't warned you because I'm deafened by a tannoy speaker 15 mins before every home game warning us not to indulge in singing or chanting offensive material
  15. Would you play Defoe before Alfie against the Tarriers?. Seriously?
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