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  1. Get that fuckin imposter Windass to fuck. A heartless clueless ,headless fuckin chicken.we are in for one almighty hammering on Saturday I'm afraid .
  2. Windass offered 1 match ban

    Definite ban for Windass otherwise the whole disciplinary set up can cease right now,and that ain't gonna happen. no miss anyway especially against the taigs .he is fuckin hopeless and a coward as well.
  3. Mccoist on BT

    Great goalscorer ,never a Rangers man in a hundred years .as for him giving us all an insight into tactics ,andwhere managers and players are going wrong etc etc ,he really has a fuckin cheek .as others have said let's just forget him ,not worth it
  4. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Sacking the manager won't make the slightest difference.just watched a rerun of the game there and it's all about poor decision making at crucial times by inconsistent players.great players make the right decisions most of the time ,mediocre players some of the time, .and poor players seldom.we are in the market of poor/mediocre players and that is why there is no consistency in our play.it will take a few more transfer windows before we are ready to compete wth the scum.second place will be a decent result for the managers first season IMO.
  5. That's the 6th fuckin player that should have walked against us this season already .absolutely scandalous.what the fuck is going on here?
  6. As I said in an earlier post I heard this a week ago ,and it is NOT liewell who is pushing this ,it is much further up the tree and it is not going away .scottish football is about to implode IMO.
  7. scum still calling for an enquiry

    Let's just say the fat jap is taking orders on this one.
  8. scum still calling for an enquiry

    Heard about the sfa meeting a week ago and the request for further action .mr Liewell is not the main protagonist in this saga btw and despite the this letter today this has a long way to run yet.
  9. Pedro's Press Conference

    Can't wait for Sunday night, will the bears be dancin ? Or will the dogs be barking.whit a fuckin support!
  10. Not sure how I feel about this

    Is this the same Mcinnes who got Bristol relegated and in charge of an Aberdeen team that has been royally fucked by the scum 4 /5 times every season for the past 5years?.or big eck who signed some of the worst players I've seen at ibrox in my life and went 10 games in a row without a win and has been hunted out of every job since?.Give our manager a chance his biggest mistake was coming in early to assess the shit and put himself in the firing line.
  11. If you are saying we change the manager if the scum beat us we are going to have new managers every 3 months.they are fuckin miles ahead of us in every dept and no new manager will change that at the moment.even the great Mcinnes (the messiah to some) has been royally fucked 4and 5 times a season by them and that's with a team that is supposed to be better than us.the club is rebuilding after years of abuse and neglect ,it will take time we need to be patient,but we WILL get there.
  12. Season Gone After 3 League Games

    Get real ffs.we were never going to challenge for the league .we are fuckin miles behind the scum FACT.we will challenge for second place and I still think we will make it .we will build over the next two years and then hopefully we are in a position to challenge for the top.the deluded will just have to accept the circumstances and where the club has come from in the past few years or join the fuckin green brigade
  13. We should have won many games comfortably in recent times ,but we haven't.we don't have the firepower to win "comfortably ",add to that we have the poorest defensive fullbacks I've ever seen in a blue jersey and most games we play will be a bit of a struggle at the moment.
  14. Lots of crazy predictions on this game as usual.this is why when it doesn't work out that way the place goes into meltdown and people start heading for the nearest bridge .for fuck sake be realistic guys,this is a difficult game for us tomorrow and the scoreline will be close IMO.1-0 hopefully but this could end up 0-0 i think