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  1. to be fair, that’s really really bad
  2. Nah, need them in the group stages if we make it there. The schedule hurt us last year. Got a bigger squad to handle it this year but it still undoubtedly has an impact. Cant afford to give them any advantage in the league and Europa money isn't enough to offset that.
  3. that is very very pleasing get it right fucking up the stinking bastards
  4. Tarriers there for the taking, Hearts not good enough to punish them.
  5. This nailed it in 2012, still nails it now.
  6. Who cares who thinks you're a 'true' fan or not. You are the only person who truly knows the extent of your genuine passion for the club. I'll bet there's hundreds, maybe thousands of season ticket holders who go to the game, go home and get on with their life and are actually pretty apathetic, going to the games out of habit or from family tradition without being deeply invested. Then i'm also willing to bet there are thousand of supporters from all over the world who can't be at Ibrox every week but live and breathe Rangers. Everyone's circumstances are different.
  7. Whitey'd all over my screen. Fucking delete. When the times right 50'000 will belt out the original.
  8. A lot of Brentford supporters raving about Lewis Macleod yesterday and today, meant to have been excellent. Delighted for the lad.
  9. Was looking through the other results just there, ended up on hibs.net - checking other forums is a riddy i know. But shock horror, even after they've won away to their biggest title rivals, all that their talking about is Rangers, every aspect of Rangers. Their getting worse than Celtic.
  10. Fuck dundee united vs Arbroath sumdy share the diddies please av no had a chug in a cuttla days
  11. Jason Cummings will not be sold to Dunfermline
  12. Howling hahahahaahahha couldnt be any more perfect HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH PLEASE Rangers, round off the misery for these cunts.
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