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  1. to be fair, that’s really really bad
  2. McGregor Tav Katic Helander Basrisic Jack Davis Aribo Arfield Kent Morelos should be the team against livingston and go from there
  3. Fuck this gave his all patter another name that will fucking haunt me, delighted he’ll never wear our shirt again
  4. Vanoli


    He’s not too different style wise from what we already have. Certainly isn’t that attacking midfielder we’ve been looking for to open up defences. We’ve had a good run, but if we’re relying on him, Ojo and Jones to be the difference for us this season we’re in for a another bitterly disappointing season.
  5. fuck them and a special get it right fucking up you to Boruc.
  6. Some of the best scenes in my time at the end there. Fucking buzzing. Big corner turned for Alfredo too, played awful for the most part tonight and still pulled it out the bag when it mattered most. Gerrard and the team fucking loved that one as well. Dressing room will be jumping. Real momentum behind us now, massive massive game on Sunday.
  7. Michael Stewart is an absolute fucking virgin
  8. British football fans respond to the game, no exceptions (whatever the mythology surrounding Liverpool and the Tarriers might suggest.)
  9. Just gets fucking ridiculous in here after a week like this.
  10. He’s doing a good job. But they still went on to win a treble treble after being even further weakened. We need to kick on now and win the league, let alone silverware in general. I think we have the measure of them one on one, it’s about finding consistency against everyone else when it matters. Last year we absolutely collapsed the in the very first game our title challenge actually became real. I won’t be lauding any ‘Gerrard effect’ until we pull out in front of them and hold our nerve when we do. Before im slated for being negative, i think we win it this year. Feels like the team ha
  11. Nah, need them in the group stages if we make it there. The schedule hurt us last year. Got a bigger squad to handle it this year but it still undoubtedly has an impact. Cant afford to give them any advantage in the league and Europa money isn't enough to offset that.
  12. that is very very pleasing get it right fucking up the stinking bastards
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