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  1. The Bears to grind this out and give us another rendition of I’m Feeling It
  2. That lot are absolutely sick btw Tremendous from the Champions
  3. Massive moment and win. Shows lingering comments about this team being shitebags is utterly mental, but performances are still so worrying as a whole.
  4. “He’s a good lad i love him” He’s a fucking rat bastard
  5. Hope that’s Borna’s St Mirren moment for this season
  6. Wright is a million miles away from being good enough for us btw
  7. Big lifeline. That boys a fucking idiot and will seriously hurt someone one day. Hope he does himself before then.
  8. We look like a spent force, and have done all season.
  9. Bitterness oozing out of TLB and Lambert hurting like fuck
  10. Absolutely fucking embarrassing half. Suicidal to be playing this high with a makeshift defence, no surprised we’re getting carved open at will.
  11. absolute shadow of our former selves just as well angeball is a total myth
  12. Just think we lack the energy and legs we used to have. We haven’t been a high pressing team in any way since the first half of last season. Maybe this squad have been in too many wars now, so to speak. If you can stomach it, go and watch the highlights of the Betfred Cup final from 2019. We don’t have that level of performance or aggression in us anymore. With hindsight, I think everyone accepts we probably could have done with moving on one of our valuable assets and refreshing things a bit. But that’s gone now, and the management team need to get every last bit out of what we have because missing out on automatic Champions League just isn’t an option.
  13. Kent has ruined himself by ripping the utter arse out of his “two number 10’s” system btw. Absolutely pish in tight spaces and has totally stopped playing to his strengths: getting wide and creating one on ones. Needs to change asap.
  14. THE Rangers legend of my lifetime. King.
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