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  1. Actually think his comments were very smart. He’s said several times that Alfredo has turned a corner because he realised over the summer that he’s only hurting himself and his teammates. Important to reinforce that message after his first blip - because however soft any of us might consider it, it was entirely avoidable and we’ll be weaker against Hibs for it.
  2. Don’t think we bottled it. But my fear is the team breaking bad and falling apart in the same way as Murty’s did after the 3-2 game.
  3. Not having any criticism of him today. Huge show of faith in our top man, not a bottle job. Not to even mention that literally everycunt has been calling for exactly what happened for weeks.
  4. Quiet, but today the buck stops 100% with Morelos. Completely came apart in the second half.
  5. When the high leverage moment comes, we fall apart. Not happening.
  6. Expect them to start well, us to see it out and carve them to bits once we settle. As above, this has a bullshit Jack/Morelos suspension written all over it.
  7. Seem to be getting these this time of year every season now. For the first time, i’m not dreading it.
  8. fucking hell, can’t gave passengers here. Arfield better step up.
  9. that’s a fucking tremendous goal get right after them now
  10. Biggest beneficiary of the run we went on after the split last season (having already bottled all competitions.) Hes never been good enough. In fact he’s the embodiment of last seasons team compared to what came before: a big improvement, gives his all, but doesn’t have the quality. Not good enough to start in a winning team.
  11. Remarkable that Ojo is still getting more stick than Arfield, who has been by far the worst player (that gets any sort of game time) in the squad this season.
  12. poor goal all round but Tav has to win that fucking hell
  13. Love that little man so much Puskas Award worthy goal, imo
  14. Vanoli


    Excellent assist and actually better today. Still far from good enough in the position he’s being played. Right side of our front 3 is so so weak.
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