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  1. Did you sit through the celtic shite? Then it's your own fault
  2. Read an article saying should Palace sign Eduard or Morelos. They went with Edouard because...
  3. Not from my save, just seen on twitter
  4. No offence to Wrexham but who are Wrexham? Why would there be any fighting 😂
  5. Our WhatsApp group. I missed the original message so couldn't say
  6. We do a work coupon of btts. Never won anything. So the guy that runs it cashed out at £80. 5mins later the last 2 teams we needed scored. We would've won £2214 between the 3 of us
  7. aird

    PC Gaming Build

    Finally had a day to sort this after buying 2nd hand parts of everything and by everything I mean mobo, cpu, ram, psu and a new case for shits and giggles. Set it all up, switched on and... Nothing. It's my fucking ssd that's shat the bed 😂😂 Ended up with basically 2 identical working pcs 😂
  8. Yas, Ewan Chester finally coming home...again 😂
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