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  1. I used to have a soft spot for Atalanta because I done a save with them every year
  2. We should try and get him to persuade Arp to turn his back on Bayern and come aswell.
  3. Some crazy deals going on. Antonio Brown to the Raiders. Giants have traded OBJ to cleveland who had already picked up Karem Hunt.
  4. After replays, I don't think so. Jumped the gun too early.
  5. At least if he was getting booked and missing the game he could've done something decent instead of diving
  6. http://www.streameast.live/soccer/Rangers-vs-aberdeen/ The link the Geordies on youtube are using bu without them, seems to be the premier sport/BT commentators.
  7. How do people get periscope to work in Ibrox, I can't even load a webpage when I'm there!
  8. Is KingKirks name Martin by any chance?
  9. But according to fans of other clubs we're skint and heading for admin 2?! Couple of goals tonight to wrap up a good day.
  10. aird

    Laudrup captain?

    Gavin Rae - 12 days - Captained the club for only 13 days.
  11. celtic make far too much money in this game. That's only after 3 seasons. Allowed them to buy Perotti from Roma for £20m and they paid £13m for Souttar from Hearts
  12. Rodgers will be wishing he waited an extra week for Madrid
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