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  1. Middleton needs to start on Sunday.
  2. Yeah, that was a quote from him. I'm still waiting to see what people have spoke about them getting to the final.
  3. Red Bull don't hold shares in Salzburg anymore, only sponsor them. So that's their excuse gone
  4. Apparently people are saying about them making the Europa league final Who's these people are, i don't know.
  5. Sol Bamba scoring against Chelsea
  6. Just pay the future fee now Rangers.
  7. The stream was going so well till the Geordies appeared :anguish:
  8. Hoping for another Eagles win this year. Don't think it'll happen though. Trying my hand at the official nfl fantasy football this year aswell
  9. aird

    Mcgregor Kick

    It was his only kick that he didn't put out for a throw in tbf.
  10. Yeah, came from the Rangers facebook page.
  11. 20 Sep | Villareal (A) 5.55pm 04 Oct | Rapid Wien (H) 8pm 25 Oct | Spartak Moscow (H) 8pm 08 Nov | Spartak Moscow (A) 5.55pm 29 Nov | Villareal (H) 8pm 13 Dec | Rapid Wien (A) 5.55pm
  12. aird

    On this day, in 2006 we signed Sasa Papac

    Getting the subway to the game once then someone spotted that I kinda looked like Papac and I was getting serenaded with "Sasa, Sasa gee us the sash"
  13. We'll need to beat Vienna for beating Villa all those years back