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  1. aird

    Champ man 01/02

    Is it the iso version?
  2. aird

    COD Modern Warfare

    Yous can add each other with your Activision codes and have an in game chat.
  3. Unfortunalty I'm too young to have seen Cooper playing for us but you just need to see the videos and how highly people speak of him to know how good he was.
  4. Cam Newton now being allowed to discuss trades.
  5. It was a few patches ago, maybe December. So you should have it unless you use steam offline and haven't updated but then you might have chucked it awhile ago. I'm just assuming it's been recently.
  6. That was a bug but they patched it I'm sure.
  7. Beat by celtic aswell in the same group
  8. Papped out of the group stages of the 1st season with Barca
  9. celtic fans coming out and saying they shouldn't get the title
  10. I don't have a season ticket et though. I just got it because someone can't make it.
  11. I never thought I'd see us lift a European trophy... 😂
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