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  1. "the fans have been behind us all season." Eh? Couldn't even sell out today
  2. Never seen a game where both keepers have come off
  3. https://twitter.com/Iainmackay8/status/1127555793245614083?s=19
  4. This celtic team is guff. Can't believe we never took full advantage of it this season.
  5. Yeah but... Oh, is that the time? I really must be going 😂
  6. Blackmail. If I don't get the tickets then they don't get the money
  7. @Zetland I messaged @govanblue last night to say I've sent the money but he's not read it. Are you able to confirm that the account has received it?
  8. I'll also need the paypay email, thanks.
  9. 32 and 1 if they are still available. Please.
  10. Pena is away to some 2nd division Polish team on a permanent. Herrera was papped back pout on loan and I imagine will be either sold or released in the summer.
  11. Away games at either Nou Camp or Tony Macaroni Arena. I know where I'd pick...
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