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  1. Looks like defending crosses is the weakspot in the defence.
  2. As soon as they went 3-1 down. Hartson was saying "Aye, but we expected Celtic to lose here."
  3. Originally had both Cahill and Luiz but took out Luiz and left Cahill in :anguish:
  5. So it is. Never noticed that
  6. Not the best but watchable.
  7. Been offline for a few days but have we got a lower back shirt sponsor?
  8. Atleast he's already got a goal song sorted.
  9. So we're winning the league this year then? :D
  10. They had Magners on their subs bibs, when it's the alcohol sponsorship is banned in Europe.
  11. The Milan team for next year is going to be ridiculous