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  1. https://www.vipboxtv.se/Rangers-stream-live Good quality.
  2. Because I got sacked by Rangers and Bordeaux
  3. My European vs Domestic form at Aberdeen:
  4. What's going on with these playoff games? Are none of the favourites wanting to win the Super Bowl? 😂
  5. Lewis Mayo possibly or James Maxwell.
  6. My career so far on one save. Rangers - 18mth - sacked Bordeaux - 6mths - sacked Now at Aberdeen
  7. Yeah, that's smart. Let's move our almost 30 goal striker and top scorer in the Europa League out wide. That'll win us the league.
  8. I get the Bishopbriggs bus and it always waits. Granted I feel it parks closer to Bishopbriggs than Ibrox but that's just because I'm a lazy shite 😂
  9. 35yr old Glenn Murray being linked as a stop gap striker option 😂
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