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  1. Eagles giving out a masterclasses in how not to catch the ball and how to fumble the ball on runs
  2. Porto claiming that the guy who starts their chants is nicknamed Monkey. So the crowd were chanting at him and not the player
  3. Nah tried to spilt the £10 over 7 bets 😂
  4. Give it time 😂 Plus everytime I withdraw I always leave a tenner in.
  5. Betting all the time on Barbosa is basically cheating now
  6. I'd imagine it's to do with the possible rape case. He's already been binned by nike. Apparently he farted in his doctors face and refused to pay his bill 😂
  7. There should be an image but he's in the team of the week.
  8. I'm assuming this: https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/whats-the-truth-behind-nikola-katic-connor-goldson-Rangers-fall-out/
  9. That was disaster defending. Even had the cheek to claim for a corner
  10. Liverpool and Man City both to have more than 8 shots on target. Liverpool had 9, City had 8. Useless twats. Atleast Gabigoal is at it again for Flamengo.
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