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  1. Looking forward to the Roofe Is On Fire headline after he gets a hat trick against celtic.
  2. Was it Tyldesley that done the commentary on the Fiorentina game. The Manchester might not be big enough line still gives me goosebumps 😂
  3. Because they tried Aubameyang upfront and he scored more. Immobile was terrible at Dortmund.
  4. Good month to get off furlough with all the new kits coming out 😂
  5. For a team that always claim they should go straight into the champions league group stages you'd think they could at least win a friendly 😂
  6. I'd have made sure the Americans could say things properly. I'm sure one of them pronounced Ibrox as Ebrox.
  7. Andre Schurrle retires at 29. Shame he looked good when he broke through.
  8. aird

    Rangers TV

    You need to live outside the UK to get live games.
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