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  1. aird

    BT SPORT 2

    Prso smashing the defender 😂
  2. aird

    BT SPORT 2

    Nah, I've probably heard wrong. Finished the season with 49 according to wiki and this game was in the November. Doubt he only score 9 more tbh 😂
  3. aird

    BT SPORT 2

    Did they say Mccoist scored his 40th goal in the Leeds game?
  4. Terrible red card given with VAR in the Dortmund game.
  5. Laudrup was my hero growing up. So it has to be him for me. I did also have 2 goldfish at the time. One was caller Laudrup and the other was called Gazza
  6. Wonder what promising Liverpool prospect we'll get next year 😑
  7. aird

    PC Gaming Build

    Tried to get rid of the pedophilia but they kicked me out.
  8. The Mafia trilogy getting a remaster now. Never had a proper play of Mafia, Mafia 2 is great not sure how Mafia 3 can get a remaster though.
  9. If anyone has a few spare hours over the weekend.
  10. The soundtrack of the 2nd one set my music taste up for life 😂
  11. Think I was also at this. My dad used to take me to get me used to sitting through 90mins before going to first team games.
  12. Freesports tonight at 10. Is the Laudrup Cup final against Hearts.
  13. https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics I personally use the cut out faces and metallic logos. I also recommend the real name fix to fix the dodgy Brazilian team and Juventus names: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/50426/fm2020-licensing-and-real-name-fix-file-v01-for-fm20-beta-awaiting-release I went into lockdown with my girlfriend and don't have my pc. Chocking for a game of fm
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