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  1. No, a 3 day turnaround isn't that too bad. Comparing it to when the kits were originally released.
  2. Ordered the "mandarin" top on the 9th and it's been dispatched today. Seems they are getting things moving quickly now.
  3. Can't we just play at home every week
  4. Ordered the orange top. But it's on back order till the 16th.
  5. https://www.thegersstoreonline.com/training-kit/coaches/adult/411_rangers-18-19-hummel-coaches-12-zip-sweat-grey.html
  6. Lafferty on the left wing if Kent is out Hopefully Middleton will start if needed.
  7. aird

    Candeias Red Card

    Look at him lying in wait to dish out the card
  8. My knees a bit sore. So I'm likely to be on the bench.
  9. Course they were. I seen a headline saying that the sfa would be scrambling about if celtic didn't make it to the final as they have a rearranged game at home the same day of the final because of a European game on the Thursday.
  10. I'd have thought that Sadiq was starting then they would've gave him a run out on Thursday.
  11. I'll be honest. I don't know what a joner is but going by context then I assume it's a jinx Fingers crossed I'm not
  12. Last European game I was at was the 1st leg at home against Progres. Hopefully tonight is a better game.
  13. aird

    8 years ago today

    Missed most of the game. I hated working Sundays