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  1. Registered my interest in tickets for the Eagles game. Falls in between mine and the missus birthday. So I'm sure a trip to London would be a decent birthday present
  2. I thought it was strange at first only until the summer. But I'm assuming he's taking over from Murty, who then would be dropping back down in the summer.
  3. Soccer AM

    It's on tomorrows episode.
  4. Maybe he should play in midfield
  5. Dortmund have sacked Bosz finally. Haven't won a game since September. Already replaced him with Stoger who has just been sacked by Koln who are bottom of the league.
  6. I think Anderlecht need to win 4-0 to go through with a better head to head.
  7. Ah, so it's exhaustion that leads them to all the doings in Europe
  8. PSG have scored 20 goals in the group, 9 of them against celtic
  9. Yas here comes Biton, PSG to score about 7 now
  10. Another deflected goal :anguish: