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  1. Derek McInnes 4/6 sky bet
  2. Harry Winks on loan from Spurs??
  3. Was crap when he first signed and has only got worse always been a terrible player never a Rangers player never mind our captain
  4. Drugs are bad
  5. A terrible player who was finished years ago!!
  6. Steve Clarke would do a good job for us he had West Brom playing well last season
  7. My favourite title was won on 2nd May 1999
  8. Coronation street is less depressing than this!!
  9. Well said that man.
  10. Are you for real???
  11. His CV is slightly better than Ally McCoists
  12. He is managing a team with a budget bigger than the rest of the league combined and the football is mind numbing dross. Did PLG get time???
  13. Ally McCoist is still here because he is Ally McCoist Rangers legend any other manager would have been binned ages ago.
  14. Mind numbing stuff
  15. Fuck me hope david murray has a slow agonising death because it wil be 10 years before catch this shower o cunts