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  1. Please God no !,,,, Am depressed enough. A well reasoned critique of our strikers ?? Bastards, apart from Kenny & Dodoo ( not seen enough )
  2. Jeez been busy all day thought some cunt had plugged him 😳
  3. Wish this had happened in April 2016
  4. 😂
  5. I've just watched the match reaction video the Wee Man comes across as an astute, educated and eloquent player. He talks as if he's been doing it for years, far far better than some of the interviews you get um, aw, aye, naw, by the way etc. Hope he has a blinder at the weekend and can finish off a marauding run wi a goal. Bookies what price Beerman to score ?
  6. Wait til you see it, interview at home after he signs for Rangers. And there on the living room wall is the Big King Billy on his White horse at the Boyne, and there's that nugget painted into the a background wearing a fuckin strip.
  7. There is possibly a player in there, the skills there but is the willingness, nous and teamwork ? It certainly wasn't going to be shown under the previous regime, you never know Pedro might unearth a player.
  8. Sacked/Left and Relegated in a season this will make Billy McNeill's jaunt into England nearly look tame, all the best.
  9. Aye nae seats, nae toilets just like the piggery was, Scottish Cup Semi in fuckin squalor back in the day, anybody say anything ? Naw Fuck All.
  10. After they done away wi the old Rangers end, the Enclosure was always the life and soul of the party. Had some rare days in there.
  11. It's far too early to judge, he needs a couple of windows, money and a pre-season. It's easy to say either Good or Pish then come back and say "I told you so". Let the man get his feet under that table and hope the Board can back him, the Fans certainly will as long as it appears there is improvement.
  12. I don't see what McKays done to be included he's in a few team picks, he does keep his best for Ibrox, midfield did get a bit lost last week, defence have done alright so far. Dodoo's confidence should be up after last week.
  13. In the modern age you can't make players sign contracts, if he stays he stays if goes thanks son . No point in slagging the guy he's out for himself and family first and foremost. No matter how big a bear as a laddie you would think twice about it. An old cunt like me would do it for nothing but if they are throwing mountains of cash at you ? What do you do ?
  14. As an aside he got their team spot on, MW would've been surprised they wore red fuckin strips.
  15. Heard the pish on Radio Scotland ( was driving no option or wouldn't have tuned in ) about Pedro picking the Sheep's team and it being disrespectful. Seems to the buzz word with everything associated with Rangers at the moment, fucking Wankstains the lot of them.