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  1. Red TV commentator Tonight

    Old post came up, oops.
  2. Red TV commentator Tonight

    On my dodgy iptv box it went from Rangers TV to red tv. At the end the co-commentator said “ whatever the long term future of this club, they have a decent team out there now “ Fuckin Ridiculous Shit Stirring Sheep Shagging Bastards.
  3. Murty in charge for sheep double header

    I'm actually getting to the stage where I'm scared off what is going to get unveiled, presented, let out of a box or even unearthed. :(
  4. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Teams full of non -entities fuckin terrible. Nothing about them attacking, no class, no skill Fuckin pedestrian. Warriors my Arse.
  5. Pedro on a loser from day one.

    The fact that the Board appointed a man that they were split over says everything.
  6. Pedro on a loser from day one.

    So According to the article Jack was deliberate in his actions to be carded ? Really ? If Pedro's " Camp " think that ?? Fuckin Looney tunes then, Guy has come in from Aberdeen where he was a fair player, he may or may not be what's perceived to be Rangers Class. But he looked ok at the start playing in sort of the style he's accustomed to now he seems a shadow of that early player whether iits tactics, style or whatever ? But to say he intentionally broke the rules on instruction from others FFS.
  7. We aren’t fit enough

    Might not have the skills of the opposition but fitness and tactical awareness can make up for flaws in other areas. We should be striving to be fitter than the rest and then work on making up the skills deficit.
  8. What now happens to Morelos?

    He survived in Finland, and scored goals with probably little understanding of the language unless it’s really similar to Spanish, Olé.
  9. Failed drugs test rumours

    What about his inability, to create a chance or score ? Is that drug induced or just natural ?
  10. Next Manager Poll

    Is the rule still place about poaching managers during a season ? Billy Davies, what could go wrong? Who it will be ? Someone underwhelming. Actually scared where we will end up now.
  11. Pedros Record

    The glaring stat is goal difference ? A Big Fat Zero
  12. The Case for keeping Pedro

    Pedro’s Case
  13. Caixinha: players embarrassed the club.

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Only read part of the statement/interview whatever it is. He signed how many off them, he picked them so ultimately he's responsible. It appears to be no bad individuals constrained by whatever system this is. Look disjointed, frail etc. Etc. Etc.
  14. 3 in a row

    I really couldn’t believe that stat, because I kept sticking my head in the sand, when we get a bad result. Dont look at Sly News or read the rhags after a bad performance. We are middle ranking at best, no impact players and others who are frauds and imposters. After Baldy this has just got worse, Pedro I signed winners, warriors etc. Well they hide it well, no stability in midfield, can’t control the opposition, get reamed with a simple through ball. And don’t use the wide players the way we should. I don’t want any Rangers manager sacked it’s not because of loyalty, it’s because it’s an admission we are shite. And I’ll never admit that to anyone but a fellow Bear, I always try to defend but now......
  15. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    We just now seem to sign wannabe's, over the hill or a bit of potential. Gutless Shower. Capitulation in the second half no other word for it.