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  1. Give Aird a Contract for rest of the season. Seeing he’s been sacked ??? Not wanting to upset the RC hordes of the Mutton Molesters Light did they ?
  2. If we can say it’s a Colombian Gesture of Goodwill maybe got a chance.
  3. It’s deteriorated into a proper Shitshow, not good enough.
  4. Because I want 55 so bad I can taste it, to shut that hanky mob up, give them nothing to crow about, get it right Ben them. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 But I don’t want to allow them to be able to bad mouth a false dawn.
  5. Cool wur Jets We went top last Xmas then imploded. couldnae beat sleep after pumping that mob. Can we wait for a bit ?
  6. But you need to give the others game time, and look what ye get ??? Fckin Mince.
  7. There a few players on show today that are showing why they don’t get a game, and there are a couple who are nowhere near as good as they think they are. Cant do the simple stuff let alone show mental toughness.
  8. Meh, underwhelmed but here’s hoping.
  9. Cmon take fuck got -2 14/1 and they are fucking aboot at the back, c’mon troops step up.
  10. Power gets booked then gets involved another three times at least ???
  11. Fuckin Big Time, but take them three points any day. It was a follow on from Proges which was dreadful.
  12. Abysmal, no movement, midfield no quality and another goal given away for next to nothing. Make ye fuckin Boak.
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