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  1. A player with all the tools to be a striker, apart from the ability to take simple chances. All the best, looked a better player before he muscled up, bit like Gazza was better when he looked as if he was carrying a bit of weight, when he actually didn’t but he wasn’t the same when he went thin as a rake. No, No, not comparing ability.
  2. Cheers
  3. Yes, spot on. The simple fact is there isn't a legal leg to stand on to try and overturn the previous inquiry. Or they would be doing it right now. A fuckin shower have an inquiry when the Club is on its knees, still can't get the result they want, so now they are fucked because they couldn't finish us off and add title stripping to the previous punishments. Shower of self serving, knee bending fuckin Wankers.
  4. My mate always said that John Terry would the first of the funny money Brigade to go tits up. Is this pre-emptive about EBT's hiding the dosh ?
  5. Exactly, But has he given the Players a chance ? We had a bit more stability after GM steadied the ship then looked as watertight as a teabag after he coached ? Set up ? Did Whatever ? And no I don't think Murty was the be all and end all but if he had stayed in charge we may, may have got second, then gave the new guy a better start. Its ok spouting off, but posters on walls, banning boots and saying he's signed Warriors is all good and well but so far the jury is out. Big Time. I really want the Guy to succeed, I wanted MW to succeed but ..................
  6. Breakfast Beer in Marmaris Catch Lingield tonight in Ibrox Bar with a bit of luck
  7. It's all gone quiet on the Western Front. Any real Updates / News ?
  8. Marmaris is / was Superb video to follow
  9. It was a fuckin high horse they can't wait to jump, other clubs can do things write off debts, film schemes, eh ebts, go into administration and does anyone else jump in arms ? Its fuckin ridiculous, I still say the blue pound should stay at Ibrox fuck the others give them nothing, nada, not a counting bolt. Send 50 fans so that they need police and segregation, make them available to disabled kids etc so they cunts need to provide resources.
  10. So no Plan B ? Sounds familiar.
  11. In Turkey on Holibags waiters are wondering why I'm crying into an iPad, so funny thanks.
  12. He would need to lead us a to the Treble, ECWC, D Day landings and be on a Big White Horse at the Boyne.
  13. It just seemed as if it was pre prepared i.e. " Rangers say etc. " It goes from Rangers will not sack Caixinha but then this : "But the result certainly calls into question Caixinha’s decision to bring a number of Portuguese players, who will face the Scottish winter a far more alien environment than Luxembourg in mid-summer" It all feels a bit strange tbh.
  14. So who are Rangers according to this article ? Someone spinning from the side-lines ? Rangers will not sack Pedro Caixinha despite humiliating Europa League defeat by Luxembourg minnows Rangers suffered an embarrassing 2-1 aggregate defeat by Progres Niederkorn The Scottish giants led 1-0 from first leg before a 2-0 reversal in Luxembourg The club accept they need to reform their entire infrastructure By Ian Herbert For Mailonline Published: 21:18, 5 July 2017 | Updated: 18:25, 6 July 2017 Rangers do not intend to sack Portuguese manager Pedro Caixinha after a humiliating Europa League exit at the hands of Luxembourg’s fourth best team but do accept they now need to reform the entire infrastructure of the club, Sportsmail understands. The club are sympathetic to the view that the timing of the match with Progres Niederkorn, to whom they lost 2-1 on aggregate, should be taken into consideration, coming just two weeks after the players’ return to pre-season training. Caixinha, who is beginning his first full season at the helm, has signed eight new players and there is an acceptance from the top of the club that they have had no chance to bond as a unit. Pedro Caixinha will not be sacked by Rangers despite their early Europa League exit But the result certainly calls into question Caixinha’s decision to bring a number of Portuguese players, who will face the Scottish winter a far more alien environment than Luxembourg in mid-summer. The performance against the Luxembourgians suggests that the new group are no better than the team which finished 39 points behind Celtic last season. Having presided over May’s nightmare 5-1 drubbing by Celtic, there are many among the Rangers support who believe his four-month reign is already doomed. Caixinha, though, is refusing to panic and says he will continue with the plans he has put in place for the new season. Rangers accept that they need an entire overhaul of their infrastructure, ahead of their second season in Scotland’s top flight. While the focus amid their financial crisis, has been on getting back into the Premiership, scouting and youth development has been badly neglected and the club will look to develop young players as it has in the past. The club is only just emerging from the shadow of Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley, who last month surrendered the predatory deal he made with a previous Rangers board to take 93 pence for every £1 of club merchandising sold in his Sports Direct stores.
  15. Nah, we've had loan players recently that were bummed up as World Class, wait til ye see this boys etc etc. Looked ok in flashes then went meh. Must get better, canny get much worse, can he ?