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  1. Unfortunately I don't think we have enough games left we have dropped too many points up until the snake in the grass left. But you never know push on now til we lift the Cup
  2. It depends how it's been set up you can state there are no Directors payments. It must be published somewhere ?
  3. What is an asset lock? A major feature that distinguishes CICs from normal companies is the 'asset lock' which prevents shareholders or directors taking value out of a business. There is a regulator who looks after CIC's but I don't know how this would work with the amalgamation to form Club 1872
  4. Just agreeing
  5. I wouldn't be so quick as to bin him, let Pedro see what he can do with him. You just never know,
  6. Thank Fuck imagine if he'd left us 30 points behind them, hanging on to 3rd and with the majority of the summer signings being pish ........
  7. Obviously thinks that we are wet behind the fuckin ears. I would have a lot more respect for the man if he had been honest, how many good people that have left here under a cloud lying through their teeth. Deserve all of the contempt that's coming their way.
  8. Well with McParland's previous of lying in court, if it goes that far I fear we will have to pay the fuckers.
  9. Just hope Al Hawasi ( or however you spell it ) Fucks them over.
  10. I like you bringing a wee bit Portuguese into your post.
  11. Aye but it was high summer today, Pedro is in for a fright when he sees snow in April/May ffs
  12. Its not quite a new dawn, but come Monday he'll get his feet under the table and will with a bit of good luck, best wishes from all Bears and backing from the Board make us a force again there is so much payback to dish out.. He might even make an impact today with his presence Onwards & Upwards Follow Follow.
  13. Definition of caixinha plural -s : a box rattle used in Brazilian dance orchestras. caixinha noun cai·xi·nha \kīˈshēnyə\ Yah fuckin beauty he's a drummer.
  14. Management careerEdit After his professional career ended, Nerlinger studied International Business at the Munich Business School. Shortly later he was appointed team manager at Bayern Munich. In January 2010, he succeeded Uli Hoeneß as technical manager, upgrading shortly after to general manager of the club.[4] On 2 July 2012, Nerlinger was replaced by Matthias Sammer.[5] Nerlinger became Team Manager on 1 July 2008.[6] He became Sporting Director of Bayern Munich on 1 July 2009.[7] He held the position until June 2012[6] when he was replaced by Matthias Sammer. from Wikipishia so might be bullshit it contradicts his jobs so .......
  15. Managed to get his Daughter into a lucrative business too I hear.