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  1. They are a bang average side and the manager has proved a few times already this season he doesnt have the bottle.
  2. And his decision to play a guy who couldnt get a game with Nott Forrest in a match like this is baffling........
  3. They are not a good side and half the team is their reserves , we are making them look better than they are just like we did against Motherwell and the taigs. Beginning to think the manager doesnt have the bottle or he knows some of the players are not good enough and thats why hes so negative.
  4. Managers tactics once again are the problem here , this is not a great side we are playing..........
  5. This mob are nowhere near as good as some think they are . Hope Gerrard doesnt use the same tactics as the Motherwell and taig match. Crazy playing Worrall tonight , Katic must be injured.
  6. sassaaaa

    Nine rabid Bheasts walk free

    Comes as no surprise that them and the club that allowed it get off scot free again.............
  7. sassaaaa

    ***UEFA Champions League 18/19***

    Outrageous free kick from Messi.........
  8. sassaaaa

    Strange people within our support

    Guy is never a Gers fan........
  9. sassaaaa

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    Exactly this , rat bastard could have said this at the time .........
  10. sassaaaa

    Kris Boyd fat walloper

    Thats the difference between wankers like Boyd and wee Nacho , you wont hear a bad word about the club ever from the wee man.
  11. sassaaaa

    Tops Available From 20th September?

    Everybody greetin about fake tops and missing out the real problem , a totally useless BOD that couldnt run a market stall. Fuckin embarrassing we are four games in and no new gear available...........
  12. sassaaaa


    Dunno what the fucks going on with this forum these days , taig bastard should have been booted off a long time ago.......
  13. sassaaaa


    Said when we signed him he was another Dorrans , nowhere near good enough..........
  14. sassaaaa

    Gaffers reaction

    Would have went down better with most of the support if he did , his tactics have cost us not refs......
  15. sassaaaa

    Gaffers reaction

    I like him and hope he succeeds but the Motherwell game and the carnage today were his doing , and 5 points from the first 4 games is not good enough for any of our managers. For some strange reason this guy is getting it easy compared to other managers , nobody is bigger than this club.