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  1. sassaaaa

    Kevin Thomson

    Hopefully first step on getting rid of Murty.......
  2. sassaaaa

    Andy Murray Retires

    Just signed with Castore and gives them more publicity than they have ever had......
  3. sassaaaa

    Are there any players in the Spfl worth buying?

    Get him on a free I would take him......
  4. sassaaaa

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    If we win the league it wont be down to this rat bastard. Thats three here now and you wont here any praise for any of them from me , each to their own.......
  5. sassaaaa

    Beaton calls in the police

    The biggest laugh in all of this is if anybody took the time to look at all our other games with this mug in charge , the Old firm game was fuckin mild , the guy had a shocker every game and all against us......
  6. sassaaaa

    The latest from Tom Irish

    They all read this forum is ma guess......
  7. sassaaaa

    The latest from Tom Irish

    Prick must love the attention and publicity he gets in here........
  8. sassaaaa

    Talksport again

    Is this White back to be a supporter of us now ?
  9. sassaaaa


    Spot on , another joke signing that should never have happened , everybody in the game knew he was injury prone. Another taig supporter that has stole thousands from us.........
  10. Rat bastard knew exactly what he was doing..........
  11. sassaaaa

    Steven Davis

    Will leave the experts on here to it for today. I said exactly the same before signed that other donkey Dorrans and got slaughtered by the usual suspects. The guy should be nowhere near the club..........
  12. sassaaaa

    Steven Davis

    Hes 23 , hes a better player and we might even make money if we ever sold him ..........
  13. sassaaaa

    The bbc at Ibrox

    Should be a blanket ban for anyone from that company , they need us more than we need them...........
  14. sassaaaa

    Steven Davis

    Watch some of Kamara then come back and tell me Davis is the right choice..........
  15. sassaaaa

    Steven Davis

    You obviously have a different memory from me and the folk i know . But to say Kamara is a DM and Davis will not be ,shows how much you know about the game. We shouldnt be anywhere near this clown , hes another Dorrans.......