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  1. Herrera

    Depends on cash , but him and Cummings would score for fun.
  2. No chance we are stopping them with this guy in charge..........
  3. Beasts abusing Russell Martin

    Fuckin no chance that will make any news outlets in this fenian run country.
  4. Jason Cummings

    You're probably right under Murty , but would have been a cracking fit IMO.........
  5. Jason Cummings

    No chance we are winning the cup game , but with the right manager and 3/4 good signings we are taking this league back next season.
  6. Jason Cummings

    Cant see him staying , he came to play games because he was on the bench at Forrest. Him and a player like Moult would have been interesting.
  7. Its a fuckin ridiculous statistic , but to say we haven't progressed from the state the club was in under McCoist / Pedro and Warburton is bonkers.
  8. Cardoso

    Was only playing because of injuries , him and his buddy should be gone in May............
  9. Post match reaction

    Only man in this squad thats capable of putting in a 90 minute performance , the rest chucked it when we were 2-1 up.
  10. Bates injury

    If you seen it today you seen exactly as was posted above and come on here saying it wasn't a red , do one dafty and stop talking pish on here.
  11. Bates injury

    Looked directly at him and slammed his elbow in his face ............
  12. Bates injury

    Was a red card all day long , fuckin shocking a supposed fan says it wasn't.
  13. Bates injury

    You are having a fuckin laugh once again , you and Walker and Crocker are the only three that think this wasn't a red card .
  14. Post match reaction

    Windass scored and thought that was his work done for the day . He does it most games , will never be good enough long term.