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  1. sassaaaa

    Ryan Kent

    Shouldnt have said all , but for every Lukaku or Kane there are hundreds who dont get a game again for their original clubs. We have a few out on loan now and in the past , i doubt any of them will play for us again.
  2. We are craving for consistency , this boy has been consistently brilliant for 13 years......
  3. Another amazing hat trick from the GOAT........
  4. sassaaaa

    Ryan Kent

    Whats that got to do with anything ? I am saying Kent will never get anywhere near a Liverpool first team .
  5. sassaaaa

    Ryan Kent

    Guy will never see the Liverpool first team in his lifetime. Would you like pictures of the failed loanees over the years.........
  6. sassaaaa

    Ryan Kent

    Fuckin guy was a world beater and should be signed for the 4-5m they would be asking just a few weeks ago according to some on here. Hes just like all loan players , they are not good enough or consistent enough to stay at their original clubs , just like the ones we have loaned out. This guy will probably go back and get loaned out elsewhere.........
  7. This has got fuck all to do with underfunded offices or too few staff , we all know whats going on here..........
  8. No highlights yet and why did Andy get subbed on 46 mins ?
  9. Dont agree last paragraph CB , we dont have the players to win trophies.........
  10. Yip , rock and a hard place . Do the board trust him enough to give him more cash or save for a new boss.
  11. Never went today because i couldnt be fucked and knew it wasnt going to go well again. He has got to make better signings if hes allowed to spend , even then i dont know if hes going to be capable of making us a winning side. If we drop points early next season he will be gone before Xmas IMO........
  12. His all round game has always been miles ahead of the ladyboy , its a stupid argument ..........
  13. 31 years old and still the greatest on the planet..........
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