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  1. sassaaaa

    Paul Gascoigne

    Never near anything to do with the club since he left unless hes selling something. Also hits about with his big crucifix round his neck daily unless hes back up here looking for cash........
  2. sassaaaa

    Ryan Jack pulls out of Scotland squad

    Good for him , he was only called up because a couple of taigs dropped out........
  3. sassaaaa

    Lee Wallace

    Wont ever be picked and doesnt even want to play , has another year to sit around and collect the rest of his contract IMO..........
  4. Went in to see if they had any club poppy pins and there wasnt a soul in the place. Fuckin disgrace and they never had the pins either.
  5. Must be the only club in the country that doesnt sell any of the team gear in the club store .
  6. Was at the superstore at the ground today and not a stitch of any of the new gear anywhere near it.
  7. sassaaaa

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    There was a fear factor with Walter , same with Souness and Wallace. Gerrard doesnt have it and dont think he ever will going by the displays hes getting from this shower.
  8. sassaaaa

    Lee Wallace

    Another case of a player getting better the longer hes out. Flannigan shouldnt be anywhere near the club but anyone thinking Wallace is the answer is off their nut........
  9. sassaaaa

    Qualification From the Group Stage

    Not a chance , Spartak at Ibrox was the killer......
  10. sassaaaa

    Gerarrds Fault

    Record so far is garbage , come back to me in January.
  11. sassaaaa

    Gerarrds Fault

    Hes already brought in 14 players and the only one we would miss if they were all punted tomorrow is McGregor. Not much confidence in him being able to find four quality players........
  12. sassaaaa

    Gerarrds Fault

    Manager lives and dies by results , played 26 won 13 draw 9 and loss 4. He needs to stop bullshitting in these press conferences and kick some arse , the players he bought are not performing .
  13. sassaaaa

    The League

    We are worse in the league..........
  14. Next three games are massive , how many times have we heard that this year already , and we always fuck it up........
  15. sassaaaa

    Rotating your centre backs

    Long term Goldson will be a bigger problem than Katic. Tonight they were all terrible.......