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  1. That good a Rangers man he's followed Warburton. Joins Weir in being a cunt.
  2. Wasn't the line when he left us that he was retiring?
  3. New guy is a Motherwell fan.
  4. Great movement by the centre forward for the 2nd goal. Dragged the centre half out the box and left the space for the midfield runner.
  5. Sold elsewhere.
  6. As title.
  7. Bought my tickets for Twickenham to see the Rams again. Hopefully they can win this year. Also the 1st round of the Draft was mental last night. Roll on round 2 for the Rams to finally get a pick!
  8. Green and white? :shifty: Haven't bought them but if you wait till closer the time and the Jets are playing shite, which is likely, you'll get them pretty cheap on resale sites.
  9. Another fitness test in the morning.
  10. Have you even seen Alnwick play?
  11. It wasn't started by him though.
  12. It came from a player, the same one I imagine some of the other info in here has come from.
  13. The news has came from a player.
  14. Heard a rumour that Wes is injured.
  15. 3 wins and 2 draws but who's counting? Not the writer anyway. Also like how he is not struggling "yet". The guys been here a matter of weeks with a squad which is not his own ffs.