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  1. Got one.
  2. I know someone who phoned them for something else and asked about it. Said emails would come out today and also tomorrow morning for some.
  3. Australia, New Zealand, Samoa.
  4. Hogg's the only player with a shout of starting for the Lions. Jones, any of Seymour, Maitland and Visser, Dunbar and maybe Russell and Laidlaw have a chance of making the squad. Nel would have been a certainty if he was fit as well imo. Both the Grays are unfortunate that they are in the position that has the most depth in the Lions pool. Maybe the next tour for Jonny.
  5. What was Bennett's injury? Haven't seen it reported but looked like it could have been another bad knee injury.
  6. The pressing we did when they had the ball was impressive. You see some teams press and get nowhere near the ball, but we were doing it in an intelligent way. Hope it works as well against a better team.
  7. I've never been involved in fans groups and are extremely unlikely to ever do so, mainly because of rats like Houston. Only even been involved in any of these things for personal gain. The sooner he is out of the club, the better.
  8. Wasn't as bad as this.
  9. Fod, Hodson, Hill, Wilson, Wallace, Tav, Holt, Hyndman, Waghorn, Miller, McKay.
  10. Hodson and Tav both starting. On FF I believe.
  11. The team has apparently been leaked again.
  13. Section 119.
  14. He's only been made available for 45 minutes by the manager. Although he has played poorly in both games apparently.
  15. Being unhappy at not playing isn't a bad thing. Nowhere does it say that Josh is unhappy with Murty.