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  1. 1. So in other words, we should go hire Rino Gattusso as manger and hope he turns out like Souness (and just forget about guys like Roy Keane). 2. Couldnt agree more with this. If only we had been able to appoint someone who had worked under Smith for years to be our manager....... Murty has till the end of the year. If he keeps winning, games and keeps us respectable against the filth, then I would be happy to give him a chance. Sometimes you just get a particular manager who is the right fit for a certain club or certain situation. They might not be a tactical genius, they might not be the best manager, yet it just works. If it continues to work until the end of the year, then I would rather the board does not take the risk of bringing in another manager, who it may not work with.
  2. Graeme Murty

    1. Reading back your prediction, its still stupid. It literally sounds like you have no concerns with how how good a manager he would be, you are purely concerned with getting a big named manager in. 2. Never post an old post, when that old post has only one "like". It just proves the point that the original post was stupid, especially when the person that liked it is an idiot (no offence @Jdee.RFC).
  3. Who best for captain now

    Controversial , but I would say that he is playing as well now, as he ever has at the club. He is actually a better player now than when he earned his move to Liverpool. It's just that he is way older now, so he doesn't have the potential.
  4. Who best for captain now

    Danny Wilson for me. I actually think he is the best defender at the club, ahead of Alves.
  5. Graeme Murty

    I struggle with this line of thought... You predicted we would go on a 4 win streak, including 2 against Aberdeen, and a win against hibs away, and you take it as a negative? Surely if you could have predicted that Murty would win these games, then you predicted he would manage the team well for the games and therefore is a good manager. Your own logic dictates that the correct course of action would be for the board to appoint him??
  6. Graeme Murty

    What is everyone's thinking on Murty now after the Hibs result? We played absolutely shite, although missing some key players, yet come away with the 3 points. I must admit that im leaning towards favouring giving him the season at least. Give him up the the turn of the year to begin with, barring a disaster, give him the role. He has the players really fighting for the cause and with some key players (Dorrans and Jack) missing, he has moved McCrorie into the holding role in what is a fucking masterstroke to be honest. I dont know if he has the tactical acumen of some of the other candidates, but he is better than Pedro and certainly better that Plan A Warburton. He knows when to shore up a game, something that you do need. There may well be good managers out there that would be a better option than Murty, but im not sure if they are interested in the role. A choice between someone like FDB and Murty, I would take Murty all day long.
  7. Shortest ever player?

    Haha, I think he is no bad in the air. I just remember someone saying he is 6ft4 whilst standing and 5ft when he jumps and I found it funny.
  8. Shortest ever player?

    David Bates, but only while he is jumping.
  9. Since the tarriers won at ibrox

    The plan this year is narrow that gap. Anything more is a bonus. I'm not gonna start thinking about winning the league as it is massively unlikely.
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    I think Lomachenko is up there if not the clear leader in the pound for pound stakes, but Crawford would murder him. Just too big a weight difference.
  11. Derek McInnes

  12. JJ

    Would possibly be the biggest kick in the balls possible for Murty.
  13. Alves & Murty Press Conferences

    Right now, I don't think Murty is the man for the job. He has shown promise but a few howlers of results. I would absolutely be fucking delighted though if he carries on the form of the last couple of games through to the end of the year. If he did win a big majority of the games between now and then, I would definitely give him a shot at the managers gig.
  14. Derek McInnes

    I really dont buy that at all.
  15. Derek McInnes

    I dont see the viking helmet?