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  1. Ive just said what multiple others on this thread have pointed out to you also. You just keep replying to me and claiming im stalking you, which is just odd.
  2. You do see the irony in continuing to quote me whilst begging me to stop replying. Put me on ignore if you dont want me to call you out on your bullshit. Dont keep replying to me and I will stop replying to you. If you post stupid things though, i may choose to point them out.
  3. Are you talking about this thread or the other one? It is fairly clear that this is a different discussion, and as you are replying to me, you do indeed feel the need to continue. In the other thread, you obviously stopped because you realised that you had to continue to slander me and then got abusive, yet were still losing the debate.
  4. I was the first one to vote on the poll mate, you came in after I did.
  5. I am 'very trying' to work out what the fuck that means to be honest.
  6. It is hypocritical that you are having a go at other posters for their choice of vote, whilst freely admitting that you are voting for someone that you dont believe to be our best player this year.
  7. Im just having a break for my dinner. Ill be ready to go again in 10 mins if you want?
  8. When you say that Morelos should instead start crippling people deliberately in challenges, but make it look accidental, then no, im pretty sure that everyone thinks your point is fucking nonsense.
  9. I know this is very difficult for you to comprehend, but when the subject is in the papers, and people are calling for our player to be banned from a match based on the event, it is well worthy of discussion on here. We dont have to wait until he is cited to discuss the events.
  10. Before you go, can you answer one question which is back on topic. Given you said that you want Brown to be 'done with a accidental malicious tackle' in the next match, will you absolve Morelos of criticism if he is sent off for it?
  11. Not at all, I just remember laughing cause none of your wee pals even had the balls to like your comment. Strange that you seem to remember things from 7 years ago so clearly, yet you cant remember what you stated last week. Selective memory or Alzheimer's?
  12. The irony! From the guy who last week said that you and all your wee pals on here didnt like me very much!
  13. I was actually referring to the other person in the thread who said I was rag-dolling you, but thought it was a apt term to be honest. You are obviously wound up enough to turn things nasty and to start bringing up posts from almost a decade ago! Ill let others judge on that one though.
  14. Dont ban me @gogzy! Dont you remember the compliments i payed you 7 years ago! FFS! 😂
  15. No, im just marveling at how wound up I have made you to be honest! You yourself claim that people turning to abuse in a debate is a sign that they are losing, well take a look at the abuse you have turned to, whilst I have been nothing other than civil. You may also want to watch the sheer hypocrisy of claiming I was trying to butter up @gogzy whilst 'liking' almost every post he has made since joining the thread! (no offense gogzy, but this includes an incredibly inane grammer correction, that Smile was not even involved in!).
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