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  1. At the point he TUPE'd it was not confirmed where we would be playing. Could have been top flight, or championship.
  2. CB is correct here. They were never illegal. The term used was that their 'use was unlawful' which has a distinctly different meaning to something being illegal. If something was illegal, a crime would be being performed. A scheme being found to be unlawful is simply a declaration that it was used incorrectly and did not correctly interpret the rules.
  3. Given we argue about just about everything, it is refreshing to see that we can agree on some things! Could not have worded a better reply to this. Absolutely sickening.
  4. Second one is obviously a mistake or a glitch on the forum.
  5. It is a shame for them, but good to see the club not just washing their hands of them. Many players have went on to have good careers after we have let them go, so hopeful it works out for each of them.
  6. Katic had a great game, but Goldson for me was even better.
  7. I dont think it is a case of not winning it being unacceptable. If we play to our potential, we can win it. If they have a great season though, they can win it. As long as we improve on this season, then ill be satisfied. We are moving in the right direction. They still have a financial advantage over us, and allot of our fate will be decided by how well they appoint in the summer.
  8. If we had won that last old firm game when we were down to 10 men, and the other results had been the same, we would be top of the league now. Nothing in it going into next year.
  9. Proposals would be good news for East Kilbride FC. They just got pumped by the Highland champs to lose yet again in the playoff to enter the proper league set up. They are waiting on getting a move to the big leagues before breaking ground on a new 4000 all seater stadium in the town. Bit ridiculous that the second biggest (might be first, not sure with Paisley now) town in the country does not have a proper team. If they win the lowland league they would be straight in.
  10. It happens with all managers. If about 50% of signings work out, then you are doing okay.
  11. I agree with most of the article, but I am not a fan of this statement :- "Strutting like peacocks the New IRA supporters literally danced over Lyra McKee’s grave as they sauntered through the streets of Glasgow." I think they need to look up the definition of 'literally'.
  12. More likely a darkweb ebay mate.
  13. Being injured at the point of a medical does not mean you will fail a medical, unless the medical reveals that there is an underlying problem which will have a lasting effect. Either the medical did not pick this up, or it is a new issue that has developed since he joined.
  14. Having an injury does not make you fail a medical.
  15. Hopefully. I doubt he will do it single handed, but he might be able to chip in with a good run or strike that would turn a 1-1 draw into a 2-1 victory. He is an option that we didnt have this year, seems to be a bit raw but has potential.
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