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  1. I would probably nominate someone like @mitre_mouldmaster.
  2. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Two posts which im sure must be the first signs of the apocalypse!
  3. sfa bigot exposed

    Should he be sacked for it? No, its a fairly mild dig from a supporter of our rivals, which is laughable given how their fans got panned worldwide for their abundance of mankieness. It was made at a time when he wasnt in a position of power and I dont really find it offensive to be honest. Do I want him sacked for it? Yes, fuck them. This is exactly the kind of pedantic shite they have tried to do for years, constantly blowing tiny things like this up for PR spin. Fuck them. Int he name of sporting integrity, he must be sacked.
  4. New England world cup song

    That is an absolute riddy. Hope they get pumped in all their matches as well.
  5. Pressure from taigs

    I know FFS! Wasnt having a go at KAI, was having a dig at their shameful cover up tactics.
  6. Pressure from taigs

    I would be disgusted if we had people at our club who fought for these things.
  7. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    How did you get on?
  8. Kyle Bartley (Swansea)

  9. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    It sounds like Kermit the Frog is doing to vocals to that shitey dance record.
  10. I fucking hate pre-season.......
  11. Players you didn't/don't rate but everybody else seemed to?

  12. So scunnered in fact that a whole new topic was needed, rather than just a comment in one of the million other threads.
  13. Allan McGregor "poised to return to Rangers"

    Customary Youtube video of our new player.... Looks pretty decent.
  14. Marco Negri

    Did another player not hook him for pumping their Mrs?