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  1. It is a difficult one. celtic have a far bigger budget than we do in terms of wages, so we have no god given right to demand the league, yet it is a failure if we don't. Eventually we will need to win the league with a smaller budget than them, but as long as the gap is closing and we are improving, I will stand by the manager. I fucking despise the idea of them getting 10 though.
  2. Not if it were all to go to shit and we finish in 4th place in the league or something daft. Obviously don't expect this, but football is a fickle sport!
  3. Fucking waster. See off you can get shot of him on gross misconduct. Write off the transfer fee, but at least get rid of paying his wages.
  4. He looked better than a £3m centre back in today's market to be honest. We have to change our mindset. When we make a £3m signing and it works out, we have to be asking for 3x what we paid for them.
  5. But we have only lost one game. I don't get this idea that half of our defence was literally garbage last night as many seem to be saying. We kept a clean sheet against an established European team, limiting them to a few half chances. Tav wasn't as good as he usually is, but was still up to the task. Goldson played a slack pass and for the most part for the rest of the game was solid.
  6. He has a strange role in the team. He isn't expected to be running round like a blue arsed fly throwing himself into challenges. As Gerard said in his post match, he is in the team to provide a moment of magic to win a game. This means he is going to have shite ratings some games and win us points in the next. I'm just going to accept that he will blow hot and cold, but will chip in with important goals.
  7. Based on what does Gerard have to man manage Tav better? He has just guided us through 4 qualifying rounds, and has a 100% win rate in the group so far. We have lost one game this season, and have won every other game in the league. I could get your point if we were dropping lots of points etc, but we are not. Whatever Gerard is doing is getting us results.
  8. My points make perfect sense. You are obviously just too stupid to see them. You literally stated:- "How can anybody say Tav is good enough for a title winning team when he hasn’t played a part in a title win yet?" Taking this rather moronic point to its conclusion, you could substitute Tavs name for Kent, Morelos or Arfield, as they have never been part of a title winning team for us either. Keep moaning though, it's nice to know you have already surrendered the title this season, since you are adamant that our captain will never win the league with us.
  9. No it isn't. I said judging someone by their lack of goals or assists would be silly. Judging them using their goals and assists would not be. They are two very different things. Players could do wonders in a game, but not score and not assist. The lack of these stats would lead to an overly critical view of their performance. When looking at assists and goals, it confirms that a player was positively involved in the game however as is the case with Tavs stats.
  10. Looking at goals and assists is not bollocks. Sure, you cant judge someone purely on the lack of assists or goals, but they still provide evidence. For your full back to provide an assist in 50% of your games, then he is doing bloody well. Sure he isnt at the form he was in for spells last season where he was literally running the show, but he is easily the best fullback in Scotland.
  11. No chance was Prso better than Mols prior to jumping over that prick! Mols was unbelievable for us for that period. Negri in that 6 month period was probably the best ever though! Shame the huffy bastard spat the dummy!
  12. 4 in Europe. Think you have a tranny fetish.
  13. Aye mate, thats it. I love watching all those assists Tav gets on the radio......
  14. Im sure cunts are just trolling now.
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