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  1. Never change mate!
  2. First off, you said my post was pointless. If you can't see a point in me equating someone making fun of a guy with one horrendous illness and making fun of a kid with an awful illness then there is no point in continuing to discuss it. Maybe if people on here were as offended by one as the other, then it would not come across as hypocritical. Making fun of either of these poor souls is awful.
  3. Irony....
  4. Hopefully to make some reflect on their actions. The outrage they feel over this prick having a go at Ricksen may make them think twice over having a go at that poor kid. I dont think for a second that anyone on here has any malice to the boy, but he shouldnt be used for a cheap joke either. What Ricksen is going through is probably my idea of hell. He is twice as strong as I could ever hope to be. I would never wish this awful disease on anyone, not even the prick who thinks that it is a laughing matter.
  5. Horrible bastard. Just the same as those in our support who take the piss out that wee Jay boy.
  6. Commons actually coming across no bad to be fair to him. Did we no almost sign him before he went to them?
  7. Did that Miller shot not take a deflection?
  8. Really good match. Need a second goal though!
  9. Eh? You are gonna have to run this one past me! Why would he have gone for £100m if the buyout clause wasnt there? Surely they would have just offered £100m regardless of the buyout clause if they would have accepted it???
  10. As much as I think the current board are doing a decent job, it's not really a fair reflection. One is a team for winning promotion from the lower leagues, the 3rd tier to be specific. The other is one we hope to be making a challenge of the league. Probably not winning it, but should come second at least. You would always expect our current team to be better than our earlier lower league squad.
  11. Lol, Miller is like starting a game 1-0 up but with a man sent off.
  12. Herrera done wonderfully for that goal. Just rag dolled loovens about to create space.
  13. Fuck it. Add them!
  14. I think they are getting mixed up. It was Wilson who was brutal when he came on.
  15. Franny Jeffers