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  1. Fuck me, attempting to read that was like being part of the film momento. Seems like an honest interview to be honest. Some uncomfortable reading but also some appreciation and honesty about his position.
  2. Check you out!
  3. I would never have a go at someone for supporting Scotland. Its our country as is the UK, so fuck anyone who tries to take it. Still dont care if they get pumped at football though. Would mean as much as us getting pumped at tiddlywinks to me.
  4. I dont actually know what is worse, the people on here wanting Scotland to get beat, or myself literally giving no fucks whatsoever due to me just not caring in the slightest about how they do. International football at this level just bores me to tears.
  5. I think they are trying to appoint 'an assistant' but he already has his main assistant. Its basically a local coach they want, as the number 2 is already in place.
  6. Best I have seen Tav play for ages. Really seems to be suiting this new style.
  7. Do a fucking poll.
  8. They were not charged with anything. No crime has taken place. There is no punishment, no fines. They have just been told that they are considered a concert party and have to make a mandatory offer in accordance with the rules when any party exceeds 30%.
  9. What part are you trying to show me? They have been judged to acting in concert, which they were disputing and have now been told they have to make a compulsory offer. If they keep their holdings and dont make an offer, then they will be breaking 'business rules'.
  10. They haven't broken any business rules. They have just been told that they are considered a concert party and have to make an offer.
  11. Did anyone else read this in the voice of David Lo Pan?
  12. Could have saved yourself a bit of typing there if you had read his later posts ;)
  13. Calm down, the guy didnt understand. He now knows what is going on. Easy thing to get wound up over if you have invested a load of cash in something that you think you are about to lose.
  14. Does anyone else think he looks like Jimmy McNulty or is it just me?
  15. @Copland bear is gonna have his own section on that meltdown page on twitter.