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  1. I doubt he will knock him spark out, but would expect Mayweather to be able to force a TKO whenever he wants.
  2. Worth putting up some of his goals rather than just his misses!
  3. I have a feeling this guy will be the surprise star of the signings. Dont know why, just a gut feeling.
  4. That's a mare mate, suggest you take it down. That's Greens argument which they dispute! Saying that, they refer back to Lord Nimmo Smiths ruling which confirms something similar.
  5. Fucking took me a few minutes! Thought Scott Allan had sneaked in without me noticing!
  6. New contract to be negotiated next year. Might be SD or someone else. I predict someone else! No idea on the p/£ thing, which was always a bit of a red herring anyway. Will need to wait for the accounts in a year or so to see.
  7. Not buying it! You just sit there in your wrongness!
  8. I didnt post that! Seriously, I think someone has knicked my phone!
  9. Im currently sitting listening to the press conference for the second time to find the bit that is discussed. Will post it when I find it.
  10. Yea yea! Excuses excuses! Worst excuse yet mate! Could have at least said someone stole your phone for the last 2 years.
  11. Haha, dont worry! I wont do you like that! I anticipate handing over the £5!
  12. No fucking idea! We are only 4 years old though with a boycott for the last 2 years, so shouldnt be too hard to beat!
  13. Make sure to get them at the megastore or the club site. Think we get much more out of it than buying from a 3rd party.
  14. Sure, im up for that.
  15. I think it might. Ive never been a big kit buyer, but will make an exception this year. Think there will be a few with the same thoughts.