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  1. Ah okay! Missread that, thought it was saying not to put an individual thread for each player. This actually isnt as bad then.
  2. At least that way if we see a new thread with a new player linked, we can jump in there to instantly find out what is happening. In here, the pages can jump about 5 pages and you have to read through them all to see if anything new has happened with any of the players we are linked with, only to find its cunts arguing about the definition of poacher. At lest with a dedicated thread to each player, we can look at the latest page and see if its just shite getting spouted.
  3. Thats not very old for a football agent to be honest. Still got a few years in him.
  4. By the way, if you type "poacher football" into google, this is prominently displayed:- Poacher football Featured snippet from the web A poacher is usually a type of forward player known for scoring goals in the box, and little else. They do not usually contribute much else, in terms of creativity or defending. Their only job is to get in the box, get to where they think the ball might land, and score. ------------------------------------------------------------ It is best to quickly check your own advice before posting it up, just on the chance that it completely blows your argument out of the water, like it did in this case.
  5. Without a doubt, the worst poacher in our history has to be Kirk Broadfoot.
  6. Difference is in Scotland you are not allowed to be disrespectful like that. Dribble round someone and the opposition is allowed to 30 seconds later put you 10 feet in the air.
  7. To be honest, I think Weissman looks shite. Yes he has a good goal scoring record, but fuck spending £4m on a guy who looks like the defenders against im are drunk (going by the video above). Save yourself £3m and buy Shankland for £1m and you get a guy who does the same thing.
  8. That first name will never take off. He has to be renamed Jimmy if he joins.
  9. Im honestly not sure on Maric. Looking at his highlight video on YouTube, his goals look mostly pretty shite! Goalkeepers having howlers etc. He doesnt seem particularly fast, or really technically gifted. I think his goal stats are also boosted by the fact he seems to take the penalties. He might just be one of those players who is constantly in the right position to score those shite looking goals though, which is sometimes what is needed.
  10. Football Manager fan I see! Gouri is some player in the game, but has hardly kicked a a ball in the senior game in real life.
  11. The Danish league looks surprisingly good from all these clips. Scottish football really is fucking horrific. Our clips would likely be a highlight reel of some Ross Tokley fucker putting cunts 10 feet in the air.
  12. Holy fuck! Gonna bring back the old transfer forum? This is fucking torture coming in to see about 15 pages of movement with cunts just spouting shite.
  13. Ross McCrorie might be a bit of a utility player for us this season. Could see him potentially being a potential cover for right back given he played there a fair bit on loan last season.
  14. Is Man not the left winger. There is another Romanian who is the right winger im sure who is almost identical in stats. Edit: Nah you are right, im thinking of Coman who is the left winger.
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