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  1. Very nice! I see you have RGB'd the fuck out of it! Even in the PSU!
  2. Lampard probably would not have got the gig if it was not for their transfer troubles. I don't think Gerrard will have a look in for the Liverpool gig unless he wins the league here, or moves to an English club prior and does well with them.
  3. Just make @The Dude a moderator and he can look after the thread and give you a well earned rest @gogzy. I say that as someone who really can't decide what side of this fight I'm on. To square things up, I think you should also make @Courtyard Bear one as well. Just see who has the stamina to move the thread to their chosen section more than the other.
  4. To be honest, I love the fact that the topic is in here as it keeps us all entertained during pre season. As a compromise, to keep things on topic, I would suggest that @The Dude highlights the Rangers related discussion points on the pod cast, and puts a timestamp note to when and where they happen. The way it currently is, it is like someone posting a link to super scoreboard every day because Rangers are mentioned each day. If someone was to post an OP in the bearsden about a particular topic on SSB related to Rangers, then it would be a justifiable topic. Posting just that Rangers were mentioned on SSB does not really seem topic worthy. If there are no new topics not already covered by a thread in the Bearsden, then a post would be justified.
  5. Think that is a bit unfair. Goldson got a goal today and Katic didnt. Goldson also almost scored two on Tuesday.
  6. Edmunston will be pushing the other centre backs for a place! His passing looks excellent.
  7. Dont think we did. He refused to TUPE over.
  8. John Fleck or Kamara/Arfield/Aribo/Davis? Jack also probably better than him. Docherty is a squad player who we hope will massively improve. Fleck is at the pinnacle of his career.
  9. I doubt John Fleck would get in our team to be honest. Yea you can get the odd freak of a player like Rooney who physically mature way ahead of their peers and can play first team football early, but many take longer to physically mature and be ready. NYC seems to be way too lightweight to start pushing the first team just yet. He is one for a few years time, and I am very excited about how far he can go.
  10. Aye, quite like your build. Will play anything maxed out at 1080p and is future proofed for years.
  11. Nice! Almost exactly the same build I have most recently done. Difference is I have went for the Ryzen 2600, MSI Gaming Pro Carbon motherboad and a Rtx 2070. Even have the same case as you, the H500 is a dream to cable with. I wouldnt bother going with a watercooler. If you are looking to overclock, I would recommend the Noctua NH-D15. It is an air cooler, but actually performs better than most of the AIO Coolers at twice the price.
  12. I know what at you mean, but at the same time I respect the kids drive. He seems determined to get as high as he possibly can in the game. As a professional, he is doing what he has to. Making the move so early and joining one of the modern powerhouses and progressing to be on the fringes of their squad really does indicate he made the right move. Think he will go on to be some player.
  13. Easy as fuck. Built 5 in the last few years. If you have a window in your case, plan your wiring well as it will look like dog shit if you have wires flying all over the shop. What parts you get out of interest?
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