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  1. mitre_mouldmaster

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    It was the 'chairman' not the CEO. If I am getting my dates correct, the chairman at the time was none other than John Reid.
  2. mitre_mouldmaster

    If you could be offered...

    Believe it or not, but the worst thing about this thread is the fact that the OP has not even bothered to put a poll on to actually quantify the results.
  3. mitre_mouldmaster

    SFA Statement on Morelos Red Card at Pittodrie

    The SFA are fucking useless. They should have just said the following :- "The referee was called by the linesman to highlight an off the ball incident. The linesman witnessed Morelos kick out at an opposition player and deemed the intent sufficient to warrant a sending off. The referee on this advice, sent the player off. On review, and seeing multiple replays, a panel of former referees decided that the contact was not sufficient for them to agree that the offence warranted a sending off. The correct course of action for the incident would have been a yellow card for Morelos during the game, but as it is not an option available to the disciplinary panel to apply retrospective yellow cards, the only way in which we could proceed was to rescind the red card handed out during the game. We offer an apology to both the player and Rangers FC for a mistake by the refereeing team during the game, but given the human aspects of the job, mistakes can and will happen." I know many disagree, but I genuinely dont think there was a conspiracy to fuck Rangers in this. It was a harsh call and he should never have been sent off, but to be honest, if another teams player had done it to one of ours, I would have been calling for them to be sent off. It was a fuck up and they are making things a hell of allot worse by trying to talk their way out of it when the truth is actually pretty understandable, even if it did fuck us over.
  4. mitre_mouldmaster

    Tops Available From 20th September?

    Fully expect there to be a legal challenge by SD on the 19th to stop the sale starting.
  5. mitre_mouldmaster

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    In that case, would that not free up one space that Wallace could have taken?
  6. mitre_mouldmaster

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Is McCrorie not in the squad? Would think he would have qualified as club trained.
  7. mitre_mouldmaster

    Villareal day trip confirmed (thomas cook sport)

    Basically the football equivalent of just letting your car insurance run over for another year. Convenient and simple, but you will pay a hell of allot more than if you shop about and find the best deal yourself.
  8. mitre_mouldmaster

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    We lost an away game to them 1-0 after a massive away trip in europe where we played a big chunk of the match down to 9 men. Im not losing much sleep over this.
  9. mitre_mouldmaster


    Im just using that as a speculative figure. I doubt anyone knows what the real figure will be.
  10. mitre_mouldmaster

    Take your own food to the Bheastenders

    To be fair, the rats probably have more right to claim that the stadium is infested with pedophiles.
  11. mitre_mouldmaster


    The only complication would be if we have the option to buy him for 2 million, but we still have to agree personal terms with him. If he plays out of his skin for the season and other clubs who can offer far more in wages show an interest, he may be reluctant to agree terms if he knows that he could double his wages elsewhere. If at the start, we agreed terms with him, and if we pay the 2 mil then he is ours, then that is fairly simple.
  12. mitre_mouldmaster

    Interview: Eros Grezda

    Just need @Smile to come and say the same and the apocalypse is upon us!
  13. mitre_mouldmaster

    Another signing incoming maybe

    You should be banned for your lack of capital letters at least.
  14. mitre_mouldmaster

    Halliday & Gerrard

    Tell you what, im glad Halliday is still here. Was done with him last year, but he is a reliable squad option and has really shown his worth. With all these additional games we will have now, we need some versatility in the squad. Would be a toss up for me on who I would rather have as Barisic's back up int he left back slot as well.
  15. mitre_mouldmaster

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    4 fucking minutes??? From where???