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  1. I agree if all those comments about how good he was yesterday. It was greatvto see a centre half coming out and attacking the ball in the air. Won every header he went for.
  2. After today, its clear we are going to rely heavily on Hagi and Kent for the creative spark. It's a long and important season so we need to get another creative player in to help when one or both of those lads has a dip/ needs a break. Big Balogun was impressive.
  3. Not looked back but my mate said the SPFL had lost the vote to cancel the season if a second wave of Covid hits during this season. Thank fu@k but no doubt there will be another vote asking the same question in just a slightly different manner.
  4. Agree we need two strikers but i don't see Arfield or Davis changing a game coming on as subs. A striker (or 2), attacking midfielder and centre half is needed.
  5. So the SPFL have awarded a place and any financial benefit it may bring to Aberdeen. What IF Hearts or Hibs win it ( no laughing at the back)?
  6. Does the winners ( if not aleady in a position to qualify) qualify for europe?
  7. I get what you and others are saying about rebuilding but that doesn't need to be what happens. Why not start with an SPFL board that is open with all it's dealings, clearly acts in the best interest of all 42 member clubs and when a decision is required from all its members, they present all options available. There should be backup evidence for every decision made by the SPFL.
  8. i am hoping the arbritration has the Deloittes "investigation" report reviewed as part of its case. As the case seems to begin at the Dundee "vote", this was the SPFL's showing there was no issues. Who set what would be looked at in this investigation and the questions that were to be answered? IF the SPFL are unable to have an 'Independent Investigation' carried out then it will highlight further just how unfit and corrupt they truely are.
  9. HoM and PT have a great case and IMO should win. The board should look at what Budge is doing and see that she has the backing of every Hearts fan. IF they win the case, our board should do as you say and go for the kill. There isn't a supporter who wouldn't back them and we'd be in our right as a club to challenge the legitimacy of the title being awarded.
  10. We all know he has a point and that mob will be bricking it. I've seen many posts lately about the board on here but IF HoM and PT do win this case and the SPFL are shown to be as corrupt as we all know they are, then it WILL be time for our board to stand up and demand that the season should be made Null and Void.
  11. I agree but the trophy this year needs to be for winning No. 55.
  12. i agree. They may get £X million compo but there is the chance of being stuck in the championship for two years or longer. If it's deemed they have a case where they are awarded compensation, why not go back to CoS and demand reinstatement?
  13. Record now reporting on it but mainly aimed at the relegation sides, nothing about the "champions" not being awarded the league.
  14. should stick in a £100k bid for Shankland see how desperate they are.
  15. Utd screwed by their neighbours "votes"
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