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  1. Brilliant news definetly deserves it, we missed him on Thursday In the 2nd half. somebody was needed to just calm us down and put a foot on the ball
  2. If Davis is out then I fear we will struggle in midfield Jack is great kamara decent but can get caught out often arfield or aribo both go missing in games which we can’t afford
  3. Hope Davis makes it he’s crucial to any kind of control we want in the midfield and will break up a lot of their play
  4. No experiments just play our strongest team possible id prefer to see Katic than helander but he’s not been playing so don’t think we should go making changes for this. davis, jack and kamara in the middle for me arfield, morelos and Kent up top they are just as crap as we are when someone high presses them so we need to go for it
  5. We will be lucky if this is not 3 or 4
  6. The whole team has been poor the day can’t single out any 1 player
  7. arfield needs to come off he’s be poor all season, give morelos a shot on the right
  8. We should have that display for most games was awesome last night well done the guys who sorted it 👍
  9. Macgregor tav. Goldson. Hellander. Barasic Jack. Davis Aribo morelos. Defoe. Kent Think that would be more than capable of hammering this mob
  10. Team looks good. Important to have jack and Davis in the middle the top 3 should keep the Porto defence busy
  11. Same as last season poor after an international break
  12. Honestly expect to be possibly the hardest tie in the group. They are a good side and well drilled hopefully we can take a point from this
  13. livibear101


    I think the penalty miss affected him tonight you could see it in his face straight after he hit it. He is still 1 of the first names on the team sheet every week tho and rightly so
  14. Absolute legend in every sense and that can never be taken away a hero to many of us growing up you put a fantastic fight and never surrendered memories will live forever thank you fernando💙🇬🇧
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