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  1. That’s the wee mans 1st gers kit ordered on the website
  2. Kinda thought we might get kits delivered before Saturday otherwise what’s the point in pre-order
  3. Only sent me 1 code so far. Nothing for the old mans season ticket yet
  4. Wonder when they will start dispatching the orders?
  5. Yeh I was looking to get the wee man his 1st kit this year but no infant stuff available yet
  6. Ordered 2 tops and have not signed up to the mygers pish
  7. Yeh I think the quality of the strips are going to be much better than we would get with a big brand that don’t give a crap about us to castore we are their big fish 👍
  8. Look forward to seeing the designs and a good statement from castore the only bit the annoys me is the mygers exclusive pre order it’s shocking that they take priority over ST holders who have been the main supply of money to the club for so long
  9. Good additions for the league would give us a different option up front at least
  10. Renewed 2 tickets but won’t let me do the cccs for the old mans card anybody any ideas on how I can enroll him on it again as phone lines are closed
  11. That’s the best 3 crosses we have put in the whole game
  12. Morelos is where our main issue lies just now he’s out of form and just a passenger needs benched for a bit
  13. I think he’s worth a shot a different option and won’t be bullied too easy
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