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  1. livibear101

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    If we get this signing over the line and a loan deal for either Woodburn or solanke from Liverpool then I’d be surprised if we make any other signings in summer window
  2. livibear101

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    This was the worst area of the pitch for us last season and I’m glad we are spending the cash on good quality players that should stop the massive leak of goals that cost us big last season
  3. I’m a Rangers fan first and foremost but always have followed Liverpool been to some games at anfield and have been lucky enough to watch Gerrard play. For me he is the best midfielder of his generation and a legend. Iv also read both his books and u can tell the passion he has for the game and for Liverpool.
  4. livibear101

    Tav captain?

    Tav gets some amount of stick on here it’s unreal. The guy may not be the best RB in the world but he is far from the worst and more often than not pulls us forward and gets us in the attacking third. We would have barely scored any goals the last couple of season if it wasn’t for his set up play and drive forward! I think he’s earned his shot
  5. livibear101

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    All 3 of the strips look awesome👍 All the people moaning about signing a deal with Hummel should eat their words. They have delivered 3 very nice jerseys and can’t wait to buy the home top
  6. livibear101

    Lassana Coulibaly

    Loans are the route we are forced to go down at moment until majority of the deadwood that we have signed over the last couple of seasons on long term deals are gone and off the wage bill. Our squad is far too big for the moment
  7. livibear101

    Lassana Coulibaly

    Exactly this. No issue with loan deals as it means we get a look at the player before we sign them up on a 4 year deal and they turn out to be pure pish
  8. livibear101

    Steven Davis

    Talent wise he’s not tho
  9. livibear101

    Steven Davis

    If it means Halliday is a goner then I would be happy with this
  10. livibear101

    Umar Sadiq

    Hopefully does a decent job for us👍
  11. livibear101

    Out?: James Tavernier

    Very good news as I feel tav has the talent to drive our team forward and with better players around him can be 1 of the best players we have
  12. livibear101

    Umar Sadiq

    If we do the same kind of deal as with Murphy then it’s a good deal. Basically a try before u buy deal👍
  13. livibear101

    Nikola Katic

    Ah so that’s how we keep signing players who ar injury prone 😂😂
  14. livibear101

    Nikola Katic

    Where did u hear that?
  15. livibear101

    Jason Holt to Plymouth

    Has all the heart and desire a Rangers player should have. Only thing that lets him down is his physical stature would rather others moved on before him but if we get 400-500k then let him go