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  1. livibear101


    I think the penalty miss affected him tonight you could see it in his face straight after he hit it. He is still 1 of the first names on the team sheet every week tho and rightly so
  2. Absolute legend in every sense and that can never be taken away a hero to many of us growing up you put a fantastic fight and never surrendered memories will live forever thank you fernando💙🇬🇧
  3. Any news if the away leg will be on gers tv or premier yet?
  4. For me it’s either him or Halliday at left back but I’d much rather we tried to find a proper LB ASAP
  5. If it strengthens them against the mhanky mob and weakens them when playing us it’s good for us also gives Middleton the game time he needs in the same league allows the manager to keep close eye on how he is progressing
  6. Please don’t be wolves we will get slaughtered😭
  7. livibear101


    Kept saying it to my dad towards the end of last season that we are a completely different team with Davis and he wouldn’t believe me seen it again today as soon as he goes off we lost the midfield battle massive player for us this season
  8. Gerrard used to go that extra mile to convince players to sign for Liverpool, the manager would send SG to have a chat with big targets he has always had a big influence on getting people to sign and I’m glad he’s continued it into his management career
  9. Had a dreadful 1st half but managed to turn it around in the 2nd half, still unsure on him but hopefully he proves me wrong
  10. Great 2nd half massive improvement in every player, more urgency to our play
  11. I gave him a lot of chances but still seems to be proving himself not up to the game
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