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  1. livibear101


    Team has looked much better in last few weeks with him in it and ran the midfield today definitely worth another year
  2. Arfield and Davis have been exceptional today both seem to read the game a lot better than others around them
  3. Macgregor tav. Goldson. Worral. Wallace candieas Davis. Kamara. Grezda Arfield Defoe that would be my choice but I’m no the gaffer
  4. Play 100% and the result will take care of itself get intae them bears 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  5. These junkies bastards are gonna get back into this at this rate
  6. Have to go a simple 442 today without Alfie our normal system doesn’t work so put Defoe and lafferty up top together jack and Kamara middle 2 with candies and Kent on the wings
  7. I forgot to update my card details for cccs payment and can’t see the Kilmarnock game in my order history so does that mean I would need to call up and make the payment?
  8. Put Morelos into the number 10 role and stick Lafferty just ahead of him
  9. I’d like to see Wallace play until Barisic is back, feel that an actual left back is important instead of a shoehorn into position. Having said that I think if we have any of our injured midfielders back then Halliday will be the 1 who plays at left back which is a bit pish on Lee give him a chance to get a few games in
  10. Id rather no see coulibally in the team but hope he proves me wrong!
  11. There is pros and cons for both Flanagan and Halliday but I feel it will be Flanagan who gets the call for this one. As said above defensively he is better but for me it all depends on who is ahead of him and if they will track back to cover aswell because for me Middleton has not offered much in this department
  12. Well said, the guys a Liverpool legend of course he’s always going to have a place in his heart for Liverpool but he’s taken to us aswell so stevie can join the bears family too and become a legend here??
  13. Expect us to win this comfortable hope ejaria is back and get arfeild out the team he’s brutal Halliday at left back instead of Flanagan play ejaria and Kent just behind Morelos should only need 1 sitting midfielder for this so I’d go with jack grezda and candies on the wings
  14. livibear101


    Absolutely spot on with this comment ?
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