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  1. Just got the email smart card activated and £29 for the game
  2. It will be 2000 for Saturday id imagine
  3. Probably sending it back, a bit tight round the neck for me
  4. I have renewed 2 season tickets every year for the last 15 years and that should be enough to be put in a fair ballot with the rest of ST holders we all payed last year knowing we probably would not see ibrox. Very disappointed the club is pulling this pish!
  5. Don’t want to see hagi in the starting line up, Wright deserves a chance and is much more direct with the ball
  6. I renewed on Thursday aswell and still not heard anything but I’m sure we will got an email sometime before the season starts
  7. No point debating who should be our penalty taker from now on! the reason we were never going to win that penalty shootout was the fact that Clark was on a massive high and had a brilliant game we had to win the match in normal play
  8. Yeh that’s the same with me but I’m sure the emails will be out start of the week
  9. I did mine by debit card but it says then when you receive the confirmation email there will be a link to take you to the CCCS bit I’m sure the emails will come out start of the week
  10. Have people received confirmation emails? I renewed both cards on Thursday and money is away but still no confirmation yet
  11. I did debit card and went through no problems
  12. St johnstone are working a lot harder than we are at the moment therefore knocking their pan in before Sunday hopefully
  13. Disjointed from us but that was always going to be the case with all the changes
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