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  1. Beerman and Bates

    Think Beerman is a real talent but don't think Bates will cut it. Lacks composure but still young enough to develop into a decent centre half.
  2. Done with him.

    Far too predictable. Sets up the team the same way every game. Makes the same personnel changes every game and no tactical changes. Clearly not good enough and has to go. He is unwilling to change so we need to change him.
  3. Young Lee welsh!!!!

    Fantastic news!
  4. Player of the year 2016

    Booked mine not long ago (4 single tickets) found in hospitality section. Guessing they will still be available.
  5. Funeral For A Fellow Bear And Soldier

    Hopefully Alex was looking down at the well derserved send off he received. Once you are part of the Rangers family you are never alone.
  6. Argyle House Restaurant

    Just to say that we went to the Sunday carvery and the food was outstanding and great value for money. Does anyone know if the takings go directly to the club (as opposed to a catering company)? If so I would definiely encourage people to go during the summer.
  7. RIP Sandy Jardine

    Terrible news. A true legend and great man and will be sadly missed.
  8. Sandaza Sacked

    His performances (or lack of) wouldve been the deciding factor. Won't be missed and the money saved will hopefully be put to better use.
  9. Neil Murray

    Unfortunately it looks like more money wasted in paying off guys but hopefully the next scout has broader scope and more success in the search for players.
  10. Charles Green Statement

    Fair play Charles. Can't agrue with any of that.
  11. Signed Rangers Shirt! Charity Auction

    Sorry to hear about your loss and hope you go on to raise a lot of money for a very worthwhile cause. I'll go to £120.
  12. Govan rear

    Wouldn't consider moving from my seat in GR5 as not the hub of atmosphere but great views.
  13. Scotland Tonight.

    Well handled Chris who spoke with control and eloquence despite being out numbered 3-1. No more dark clouds over Ibrox!
  14. Scott Gallacher / New Deal

    Should get a couple of games at Ibrox when the league is wrapped up to give him a run out.
  15. new kit makers

    He does own stakes in less premium brands like Donnay and Lonsdale but didn't think he had a stake in Puma and if he did I'm not sure how significant it would be.