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  1. Do we get coefficient points as well?
  2. https://www.firstonetv.net/Live/United-Kingdom/Premier-Sports-89
  3. Not his game, we all knew what we would get with Cummings when he signed. Give him service and he’ll score, don’t isolate him upfront
  4. Is it certain? He's proven before he can't be trusted with money, Markovic prime example. I know it hurts seeing them basically qualify but we need to settle down. Beat what's in front of us and make the league a 4 game season.
  5. Big lump of a boy with decent touch but not one I'm worried about. £4M on him and £3M on the sick note from January. Cunts can keep their money if spending it on shite like that.
  6. We need to have the fight to beat them, they're players have an arrogance to them we aren't matching. It's always going to be tougher for us as Scottish sides roll over for them but fight like fuck against us. Win our games up until old firm and go into that giving everything. Match their aggression and don't let them dictate the tempo, basically be the fucking Rangers we know.
  7. Probably best going to Auctioneers, there's a pub across the road from brewery but think it's a tim shop
  8. IMO expectations were raised as soon as we marketed the 55, hasn't been met by either the board or management team.
  9. So it's fine to whip up a frenzy with the fans and push for renewals with a slogan which the board knew wasn't achievable and one they didn't plan for themselves?
  10. Then Club1872 need to action on this statement. Simple as that, fans were lied to and King's statement confirms that today. Will we see any pressure from them?
  11. Transparency is a word lost on this board, convenient after again campaigning on this promise as well. For me huge changes need to happen before I'll put my trust in this board. No more bullshit.
  12. I'll ask it in here, what's the 18m of investment received into the club? If plan was to get 2nd place why advertise going for 55? Fans bought into this in huge numbers and Club 1872 should be asking these questions.
  13. Sky saying Rangers have reiterated statement, tendered resignation on Wednesday via agent and directors, granted on Wednesday but request on Thursday. Conference call with King this evening led to statement being released tonight
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